Natalie Portman Rocks Our World In First Trailer For Vox Lux

Natalie Portman plays a troubled pop star in her latest movie Vox Lux and judging from the first trailer, it's one of her best performances the date

This musical drama tells the story of Celeste, a successful musician who is trying to return after a series of scandalous incidents that almost derailed his career. Her rise to prominence came at a very young age after she survived a great tragedy, which followed her for the rest of her life.

Portman said that she was able to take advantage of her own experience while preparing to play Celeste, but being a pop star she proved to be much more complex than being an actor. She believes that Vox Lux is an incredible reflection of the moment in which we live and of the things that we face as a society.

"It's a really wild character that we have not seen before, it's really a reflection of the era, with pop culture, violence and the media … what you pay attention to becomes what's important "said Portman.

Vox Lux is scheduled to be released on December 7. but it was already screened at the Venice and Toronto festivals, where it received rave reviews. It was directed and written by Brady Corbet, and also stars Jude Law, Stacy Martin and Raffey Cassidy.


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