Cardi B responds to Rihanna calling her Latest Jewelry choices Ghetto

Cardi B responds to Rihanna by calling her latest Ghetto jewelry options!

They say a woman's trash is another woman's haute couture, but no matter how thick your skin is, the criticism of a style icon like Rihanna is definitely going to hurt. Cardi B was on high after releasing their new single, Money. For the cover of the track, the Bronx firecracker has only a pair of gloves inlaid with jewelry, stilettos and a golden hat with fringes by Christian Cowan. The splendid set fit perfectly with the golden background of art and the indulgent theme of the song. But the 25-year-old rapper may now have trouble smiling after Rihanna described the same gloves in unflattering terms while talking to British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enniful in August.

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