Aaron Sorkin to Direct “The Trial of the Chicago 7”

The Chicago Test 7 has just been launched.

Aaron Sorkin has been appointed to direct the dramatic account based on real events.

The political drama has been trying to take off for years. Steven Spielberg was originally attached to direct from a script written by Sorkin. However, after a writers strike, Spielberg withdrew from the project. In 2013 he tried to restart the project, but due to budgetary disagreements, he failed again.

The Chicago Trial 7, based on the documentary by Brett Morgan Chicago 10 will tell the story of the 1969 trail in which seven anti-war activists were accused by The federal government conspired after the 1968 protests in Chicago at the Democratic National Convention.

Variety reports that Sacha Baron Cohen in talks to star. Cohen is in the first conversations to interpret the activist Abbie Hoffman, anarchic co-founder of the International Youth Party, which became known as Yippies. The publication also reports that Sorkin is looking to launch a star cast

Sorkin's latest project was his Broadway adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird to be released in December.

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