Google Maps takes on Facebook Pages with new ‘Follow’ feature for tracking businesses

Google Maps has been constantly implementing new features to make your application more than just a way to find places and navigate to them. In recent months, elements such as group travel planning, music controls, travel tools, ETA exchange, personalized recommendations and more were added. Now, it is introducing a new way for users to follow their favorite businesses, such as restaurants, bars or stores, for example, to keep abreast of their news and updates.

If that sounds a lot like Google Maps' own version of Facebook pages, you're right.

Explain to the company, once you touch the new "track" to track a business, you can see the news from those places as your next events. , your offers and other updates directly in the "For you" tab in Google Maps.

Events, offers and publications filled with photos designed to encourage pedestrian traffic? That definitely sounds like a competitor to the Facebook page aimed at the crowd.

Companies can also use the Google Maps platform to start reaching potential customers before they open to the public, Google notes.

After creating a business profile with Google My Business that includes its opening date, the business will appear in users' searches on the mobile web and in the application, up to three months before its opening.

This profile shows the opening date in orange just below the name of the company, and users can save the company in one of their lists, if they wish. Users can also view all the usual business information, such as address, phone, website and photos.

The new "follow" feature will be available for more than 150 million places already on Google Maps, as well as for millions of users. who are looking for it

The feature has been seen in nature for a while before the official Google announcement this week, and will be released in the coming weeks, initially on Android.

The "For You" tab is currently available in limited markets, and soon there will be more countries, says Google.

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