PlayStation Vue is first US pay TV provider to integrate with Apple’s TV app

Sony's live TV broadcast service PlayStation Vue, announced this week that it has become the first US pay TV provider. UU In integrating with the Apple TV application. So far, Apple's TV application has introduced content from free and paid streaming applications such as Hulu, Prime Video, HBO NOW, PBS Kids, The CW and others, along with those that require you to log in with Your payment Television credentials, such as ABC, AMC, EE. UU., SYFY, Showtime Anytime and many more.

With the new integration of PlayStation Vue, subscribers of Sony's pay television service will be able to access all the on-demand content of Vue their nationally available channels on the Apple TV application . The company says that live sports will also be accepted, including national and regional sports networks.

Explain to Sony, users can search and browse the PS Vue catalog in the TV application, while taking advantage of the TV. Application features like "Watch Now" and "Up Next" to organize your shows, movies and sports. When you find content you want to see, it will open the stream directly in the PS Vue application.

This integration will be more important for those who are already subscribed to at least a couple of other streaming services in addition to PS Vue, since the TV application is designed to add content and recommendations for all services in one place . It works on iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, and on Apple TV.

PS Vue is one of several pay television services, and rival of YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now and AT & T AT & T. Watch television. But it is falling behind with respect to subscribers.

Dish's Sling TV and DirecTV Now lead the space thanks to Sling's advantage and the distribution of DirecTV Now through AT & T's wireless business. The first had 2.3 million subscribers in June, while AT & T said DirecTV Now had 1.8 million, based on its July earnings report. Hulu with Live TV achieved a million subscribers in September, ahead of YouTube TV.

Sony's PlayStation Vue, meanwhile, is barely more than half a million. You may have had difficulty growing because of your brand, which seems to imply that it's only for PlayStation owners. (It is not).

Perhaps the company hopes that the closer ties with the Apple TV application will give greater visibility to your service.

The integration also comes just before the release of Apple's original content, which could make more people return. to the Apple TV application, which further increases the visibility of PS Vue.

While PS Vue is the first US pay TV provider. UU that offers this type of integration with the TV application, is not the first worldwide. In France, for example, Canal + "myCanal" and Molotov have offered this same kind of integration for some time.

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