Sega Genesis in 1080p? Analogue Mega Sg does just that

While we patiently await the Genesis console, Sega's classic classic mini, Analogue, the retro hardware manufacturer behind Nt Mini and Super Nt, has focused its attention on the 16-bit Sega console that will become Mega Sg .

What makes the Mega Sg interesting is that Analogue will not emulate games like the SNES Classic Mini or the now classic N64 Classic. Instead, you can use your old cartridges and controllers with the console that runs an Altera Cyclone V FPGA chip to faithfully replicate the hardware configuration of the old Sega Genesis, up to the onboard Yamaha YM2612 sound chip. [19659002] Even better, the console will be compatible with the Sega CD (or Mega CD), and Analogue has announced that it will develop adapters for Sega Mark III, Game Gear, Sega MyCard, SG-1000 and SC-3000 sometime in 2019 .

While Analogue seems to have created a faithful reproduction of Sega's 16-bit console, the Mega Sg will also include some modern conveniences, such as an HDMI port for modern TVs, 1080p HD scale and the option to connect drivers wireless (although none comes in the box).

The console will be available as of March 2019 for $ 189 (around £ 140, AU $ 264), with advance orders available starting today.

What about the Sega Mega Drive Mini?

It's a long story, but unfortunately it seems that Analega Mega Sg will beat Sega's first Sega Mega Drive Mini on its doorstep.

In April, Sega announced that it had partnered with retro games. The company AtGames will create a new mini console for Sega Genesis called Sega Mega Drive Mini. Originally, the system had to be ready by the end of the year before Sega closed the project and restarted with a software developer in Japan.

According to the latest information we have about the system, it is still in development, but Sega says it will not be available until later in 2019.

But, hey, at least we're only two months away from the PlayStation Classic .

  • And … we are only one month away from Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

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