Soul Emotion review: Not quite sold

Sometimes it's good to prick a penny here and there, and other times you get what you pay for. With the arrival of more affordable real wireless headphones, Soul Emotion is in good company. However, does it prove to be a good investment or do these cheap headphones produce cheap results?

For whom is the emotion of the soul?

The outstanding feature of the Soul Emotion wireless headphones is its tiny form.

  • Budget auditors. If you're looking to save money fast, but you want true wireless headphones, the Soul Emotion offers it to you. That said, there are some drawbacks.
  • General Consumers. If you're fed up with your phone's headset, you might want to try something new. This can be an appropriate choice, given its price.

What's inside

The Soul Emotion includes a charging case of 300 mAh, three pairs of silicone tips a charging cable micro-USB and the real one wireless headset. [19659002] How is Soul Emotion built?

Soul Emotion: Image inclined downwards of one of the headphones resting against the case (open) with the other rolled and blurred in the frame.

The headphones connect quickly but with connectivity

From the charging case to the headphones, the Soul Emotion is virtually all plastic, except the charging pins. Unlike the Monoprice True Wireless headphones, these look and feel cheap. The polished plastic makes it a hard-to-handle design, and the headphones often slipped from my fingers as I unrolled them from the case.

With the Soul Electronics logo, the panels are a multifunction button that allows playback and call controls. Underneath each "S" is a camouflaged LED indicator, which denotes the state of connectivity; the LED button on the left & # 39; alternates green and blue when in pairing mode.

The slippery design and poor fit of the headphones make them unmanageable, despite their small design.

As the equally affordable Monoprice True Wireless headphones, Emotion tension for a proper fit. The casings do not provide much friction, if any, and I accidentally ejected the "buds" from my ear canals when all I wanted was to pause my music.

Plan in the exercise? Do not use these headphones

One, the Soul Emotion does not have any kind of water resistant treatment and, once again, the unstable adjustment makes the exercise unbearable, and the exercise is already unbearable for some as it is. Also, these are the first headphones that die completely in me during the middle of training. A slight miscalculation of the remaining life of the battery allowed me to exercise quietly for 30 minutes, which forced me to reflect on myself and induced an accidental existentialism.

The dust is in a lint roller, like the background noise in this microphone

Although the box does not specify, it is safe to assume that the integrated microphone of the Soul Emotion headphones is one of the omnidirectional variety. The background noise is hardly attenuated and my voice sounds muffled and distant according to all the conversation partners. It's fine for fast high-fidelity conversations, but you'd better use your phone's microphone for long calls.

The battery life is bad

Subject the Soul Emotion headphones to an output of 75dB (SPL) consistent produces only 2.07 hours of playback, quite bad, even for devices wireless While it is likely to approach 2.5 hours of reproduction at lower volumes, you will be happier with the JLab JBuds Air which provides more than three hours of reproduction under identical conditions.

Although the independent battery life is poor, the 300mAh charging case provides two additional charging cycles. Recharging the headphones through the case takes about an hour. And, yes, the micro-USB charge seems to be following the path of the headphone jack in favor of charging USB-C but keeps costs down.

Connectivity [19659039] Soul Emotion: the case that rests on the windowsill with blue and pink highlighters side by side. "width =" 1024 "height =" 683 "srcset ="×683.jpg 1024w, https: //www.soundguys .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/10 / Soul_Emotion-2_LK-300×200.jpg 300w,×512.jpg 768w ,×11.jpg 16w, Soul_Emotion-2_LK-32×21.jpg 32w,×19.jpg 28w, content / uploads / 2018/10 / Soul_Emotion-2_LK-56×37.jpg 56w,×43.jpg 64w, https: //×667.jpg 1000w,×800 .jpg 1200w,×373.jpg 560w,×243.jpg 365w, /Soul_Emotion-2_LK-690×460.jpg 690w,×400.jpg 600w, -content / uploads / 2018/10 / Soul_Emotion-2_LK-352×235.jpg 352w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px "/>

The 300 mAh charging case provides two additional charge cycles .

Soul Emotion headphones work through Bluetooth 4.2 and have difficulty delivering them The set range of three meters. After reviewing the True Wireless Monoprice and JLab JBuds Air this seems to be a trend between true and cheap wireless headsets. Regardless of using my PC, laptop, cell phone or company iPhone interruptions in connectivity are unavoidable.

Sometimes, connectivity occurred several times per minute.

To compensate for lower connectivity performance, the automatic connection functionality is consistent and has yet to fail. As with other wireless headphones that lack compatibility with aptX or AAC the audiovisual delay proves to be a persistent problem. If you do not plan to watch videos, that's fine, but you'll still experience some delay when performing playback controls.

How do headphones sound?

They sound good, but that's to be expected for wireless headphones under $ 50. Listeners who prefer bass emphasis will enjoy general bass reproduction, but at the expense of clarity. What is more, even the extreme low exaggerated suffers from the bad seal made by the headphones. If you want to improve this, be sure to get some third-party ear tips.

Soul Emotion: The frequency response graph reveals an increase in the middle and mid range with very sharp treble.

The bass is emphasized with the Soul Emotion headphones, and the sound lacks clarity in general.

Bass and Medium

Roots by Alice Merton opens with a bass riff that, even when it is a single isolated, lacks clarity. Once Merton starts singing at 0:13, his voice is audible over the bass selection, but this is attributed more to his vocal power in the style of Florence Welch, rather than the ability of the Soul Emotion headphones to analyze the basses and the vocal frequencies.

Later in the song, 1:29, a click of the tongue is heard but it is difficult to know if this sound is the result of applauding two coconut halves or a real language click; the lack of clarity and masking is impossible to ignore.


The rock ballad of Maroon 5 If I Never See Your Face Again opens with a funky bass riff accompanied by a cowbell. When it comes to these two instruments, and even when the synthesizer enters at 0:05, registering the cowbell is a task without effort. However, once the chorus is activated at 0:55, it is almost impossible to differentiate the instruments. Sure, some might argue that the Maroon 5 music is just a rumble anyway, but this lack of instrumental separation only requires a price drop in the Emotion.

That said, during the verses when less instruments bombard the song, it is much easier to distinguish the bass from the synthesizer, and to analyze those of the drum and the hits of cymbals.

Should I buy Soul Emotion?

If you're tied to the Soul Electronics brand, maybe, but if you do not have a horse in the real wireless race, invest in Monorpice True Wireless or JLab JBuds. Air in place. Both alternatives are cheap, true wireless IPX4 headphones with better battery life and sound quality than the Soul Emotion headphones.

Soul Emotion: direct shot of the headphones on the window sill with the

While Soul Emotion makes the true wireless headphones affordable, does not mean that it is the best cheap option that exists.

However, if what you value most is a small and discreet design, the Emotion of the soul can be a little more tempting. However, in most cases, better battery life, sound quality and durability will take precedence over a slim form factor.

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