Esports: everything you need to know

Espot industry is a phenomenon that does not show signs of stagnation. Pro Sports tournaments fill the huge arenas of the world and millions of viewers spend their time at home to fight the best players in their favorite games.

As investments increase, sponsorship budgets increase, developers push eskof agenda, and the industry continues to gain strength and strength. There are even sporting greats like Formula 1, FIFA and NFL.

Everything is a bit confusing, so I've got everything I need to know about esports.

Esports (or Electronic Sports) is a professional and systematic video game competition. In other words, professional gamers play video games competitively with each other. Often requires a lot of money and reputation. The competition ranges from small local events to the creation of thousands of arenas.

According to Newszoo's 2018 Global Esports Market Report, the sports industry is valued at about $ 1 billion next year. Up 38 percent. Newszoo also estimates that by 2019, 427 million people worldwide will watch espresso via espresso.

A brief history of esports

esports everything you need to know

The first phenomenon of esports was reopened in 1972 when the students of Spapford University actually competed against each other in the Spacewar game! reward? Subscribe to Rolling Stone Magazine (Medium) for one year.

The 80s saw the first real video game tournament. 10,000 participants gathered for the Space Invaders championship. However, instead of competing in organized tournaments for many hours, the players focused on knocking each other's high scores.

With the popularization of games, the 90s became the first decade of sports. Coin) has really begun with professional game tournaments held by companies like Nintendo and Sega. This is also the time when you start to see that money becomes a factor in professional games. People are no longer simply playing to gain fame, but to play games with a $ 15,000 jackpot.

However, what is considered the world's first true Söhne event is the Red Quake Tournament in 1997. 200 participants were lead developers of Quake Ferrari.

Only a few weeks later, the Cyber-a-Athletic Pro League, the organization considered to be the pioneer of Espot, was created.

Due to the normalization of games and the Internet (with technological advances), true esposia has surged in noughties. Then we began to see what we know today as modern-day escorts. With the advent of streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, people are beginning to show interest in watching video games as well as playing video games. Popular tournaments now sell out stadiums and pros like ninja earn millions of dollars between prize money, advertising and salary.

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The most popular sports genres tend to be multiplayer. Online Combat Stadium (MOBA), First Person Shooting Game (FPS), Real Time Strategy (RTS) and Fighting Games.

Some of the most popular Espace games include legendary leagues, tutorials, Fortnite, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Attack, Rocket League, Street Fighter, Hairston, Storm hero and duty calls.

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The following are important facts and figures about the world sports industry through Newszoo

Gold mine

The world economy will grow to $ 956.6 million next year. Of these, $ 694 million (77%) is generated through sponsorship ($ 174 million), advertising ($ 359 million), and media rights and content licenses ($ 169 million).

North America will rule the best

North America will invest $ 385 million. China will create $ 144 million.

Worldwide escorted viewers reach 380 million in 2018. It can be divided into 16 million Spanish enthusiasts and 215 million viewers.

In 2017, 588 major escort events generated $ 59 million in ticket revenue.

The maximum prize pool of over $ 25 million

Dota 2 International 2018 has the biggest prize record in sports history and $ 25,532,177.00 for the winner. The total prize pool of all sports events held in 2017 was more than $ 122 million.

The Legendary World Championship League in 2017 had the largest number of viewing hours in Twenties, earning more than 49.5 million hours of viewership and $ 5.5 in ticket revenue.

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Esport is usually viewed through a video streaming platform such as Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer. All three are available as apps for web browsers and iOS and Android devices.

But if you really want to capture the magic of Espotz, it's a good idea to attend the event yourself. Tickets for major events can be purchased at ticketing stores or on the organizer's website, but StubHubper offers the most diverse products in the world.

Smaller escort events are also available, easy to access and affordable. You can see this information through social media groups, game contests, and specific gaming communities.

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