Emma Roberts Will Be Spinning Out In New Netflix Drama

Emma Roberts is no stranger to fierce, ambitious and avant-garde characters, and is preparing to do it once again. The star of Scream Queens has just become the protagonist of a new Netflix original drama: skating Spinning Out .

According to the official synopsis, this ambitious project follows a competitive skater dealing with family problems and his own inner demons, as he struggles to revive his career. Roberts will play a promising high-level skater, Kat Baker, who is trying to return after a disastrous fall that knocked her off the competition track.

The young skater ends up paired with a badly talented man, but the duo has to face enormous odds, injuries, financial sacrifices and a possible mental crisis on their way to the realization of their Olympic dream.

Netflix gave an order of 10 episodes to this exciting project, created by Samantha Stratton. , which turns out to be a former skater of competitive figures. Spinning Out should begin streaming on Netflix next fall, but the official release date has not yet been set.

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