Buy Windows 10: the cheapest prices in October 2018

The free upgrade to Windows 10 deadline has passed. Do not worry, you can use TechRadar to buy Windows 10 at the most affordable price. Windows 10 is generally seen as better than Windows 8. Yes, the Start button is back!

So if you want to build a new system or upgrade from an older device to Windows 10, you need to buy a copy. Do not worry every day because we check the price of Windows 10.

Get Windows 10 Home at the Lowest Price

Full Version

Windows 10 Home is the version most people need. It is home and includes Xbox One game streaming and other consumer features such as Cortana, as well as Windows Hello, which logs in to the PC via a fingerprint scanner or face. If Windows 8 was a steep learning curve you could imagine, Windows 10 is like meeting a great friend you knew before. In other words, you bought a new suit that you actually approved.

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