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Moviestarplanet is the best game there is for children between eight and fifteen years of age, they will learn how to overcome the fight in the virtual world and they will obtain maximum fame with the MSP apk mod.

The game has been developed in such a way that it emulates the real world where it is very difficult to obtain fame. It will give you a real-world situation in which your child needs to decide how to get fame.

This game will prepare you to face the harsh reality of the real world and help you develop character to advance in life.

So, are your children ready for ultimate fame?

Moviestarplanet Game Description

Publisher Moviestarplanet Apps
Platforms Android
Size [1965900] weight [1965900]. 19659008] 27.0.2
Last updated October 5, 2018
Size of the modification files 46M

Game features Moviestarplanet

  • Create your Avatar doll and put a cloth of cool design
  • Make new friends and chat with them
  • Decorate your room with the latest design and
  • Take care of pets and gain fame
  • Get fame for art books and create new movies
  • Design your clothes and shows your friends [19659023] Play other games available in the game

Moviestarplanet Mod Apk Features

  • 999999 free diamonds in your account
  • 999999 free game Starcoins in your account
  • Star VIP Pass for a month

Moviestarplanet Tips and tricks to gain fame

<img class = "size -full wp-image-220 "src =" "alt =" Moviestarplanet tips and tricks [1965903435] Beginner's Guide

Tip 1 # Sign in daily to get bonuses and other gifts

If you want to get famous in the moviestarplanet game, you must log in daily to get goodies and other game elements. fortune, which will give you many elements of the game.

If you want to play moviestarplanet on the weekend, make sure you also start daily session for two or three minutes to get daily bonus and free wheel of fortune. [19659002] If you have VIP passes, then you can s get Starcoins as a daily bonus.

Tip 2 # Make money loving pets

If you want to get free money, then I need to love the pets of other players. You can go to a different chat room specially created for pets. Take a look and join the room for those pets that have dogs, cats and other pets as common. Search for different chat groups and you will find several offers that will allow you to earn more than 2000 Starcoins per week.

Love different pets and get a bonus in return. Do not overlook this opportunity to win Starcoins on moviestarplanet.

Tip 3 # Buy Diamond to find fame

Moviestarplanet has a reason to win fame on the online stage and show off to the world. No matter how much you make videos or art books or other people who believe you, you will not get fame overnight.

You need to invest in diamond to obtain fame, for that you must buy a diamond in the moviestarplanet store or you can use it our apk moviestarplanet mod file that will have 999999 Diamonds in the account to help you reach the fame of overnight.

After buying a diamond, you can use them on the flyer of fame to get different prices and bonuses. .

Tip 4 # Buy a different VIP account

One of the best methods to gain fame is to buy a VIP account that guarantees many features that are absent in the normal account. If you are not willing to spend money on this VIP account, you can use our apk moviestarplanet mod file that has a free 1 month MSP VIP pass.

You can find many additional features if you opt for Star VIP, some of them are the following

  • Get an additional bonus of fame
  • You can add 9X friends to your list
  • Get access to exclusive articles
  • Get 2 diamonds to the daily gift
  • Get 40 StarCoins to the daily gift
  • Can use for 30 autographs per hour
  • Get 4 wheels of fortune twists for an amazing bonus

Can you get VIP 4 free on MSP?

Yes, you can get VIP 4 for free in MSP if you are using our moviestarplanet mod apk that has an exclusive VIP star package for a month.

Final words

Do not spend real money buying VIP packages and Diamonds, let your children gain creativity. If you need little help, then you can install our Moviestarplanet mod apk + Obb files on your phone for free VIP and diamond packages.

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