Rupert Grint Reveals He Almost Quit “Harry Potter” After “Goblet of Fire”

It would be hard to imagine the Harry Potter films without Rupert Grint in the role of Ron Weasley, but that was close to becoming a reality. point. In a recent interview, Grint revealed that he was thinking about moving away from the franchise after filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

According to the 30-year-old actor, fame began to be too much for him at that time.

"I had just finished my GCSE," Grint told the Independent. "I thought, 'Do I really want to keep doing this? It's a bit difficult', because obviously, it's a big sacrifice, you take anonymity for granted, you just do normal things, you just go in. Everything was different and a There were moments when I thought: & # 39; I have already finished & # 39; "

Luckily for all Harry Potter fans, Grint decided to finish what he started and continued to play Ron Weasley in the four remaining installments of the movie series. [19659003] Since the series concluded in 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Rupert Grint decided to stay away from big budget movies for a while and take on smaller scale projects like the historical drama by Randall Miller CBGB and the comedy by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet Moonwalkers.

Grint has also worked in television in recent years, starring in British television shows Sick Note and Arrebatamiento. It will also be part of The A.B.C. Murders upcoming miniseries based on Agatha Christie's novel.

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