Nearly $1 billion of cryptocurrency stolen in 2018

As the economy continues to grow, new statistics show that Cryptocurrency theft has hit nearly $ 1 billion in 2018.

A study by cyber security company CipherTrace found that about $ 977 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen. In the first nine months of the year, it increased nearly 250% from the total for 2017.

Most thefts are caused by hacked Crypto calls and trading platforms, and smaller, more frequent attacks are increasing.

Last month, Japan – based cryptanalytic exchange Zaif was hacked and Bitcoin theft worth about $ 60 million, which is just one of several attacks this year.

Bitcoin thefts

CipherTrace pointed out that this stolen money was generally fairly laundered. As soon as theft occurred

Digital currency exchange around the world washed about 380,000 Bitcoin this year, and about $ 2.5 (19659002) said that 97% of the direct bit coin payments from criminals were from countries with low anti- Almost 5% of all bitcoins sent to exchanges and insufficient controlled exchanges came from criminal activities.

"Before the money was transferred to the global financial settlement system," said Dave Jevans, CipherTrace CEO and co-chair of Cryptocurrency, This extensive study shows that regulation is directly related to the prevention of criminal activity and can give credibility to the cryptographic ecosystem. Working Group.

"We have a worldwide cryptocurrency AML policy, which will greatly reduce the opportunity to clean up the Cryptic currency within the next 18 months."

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