Mac sales fall while Lenovo grows – are customers waiting for the new 2018 devices?

With rumors that International Data Corporation (IDC) shipped 11.6 percent of shipments in the third quarter and Apple will release new and updated versions, customers are buying Apple's Mac devices. 2018.

Reduced shipments are not good news, and as IDC points out, Apple ranks fifth in the PC market and is the only company in the top five in the overall market [19659002MeanwhileLenovohasamarketshareof24%And58%growthHPwassecondwith228%marketshareand03%growthrateDellrankedthirdwitha17%marketsharegrowthof58%Acerhad72%marketshareWithamarketshareof85%

IDC drove Acer's remarkable growth to the growth range of Chromebooks and the success of gaming laptops.

Apple's result is 7.1% market share (compared to 7.9% of the same time last year)

Fallen Apple

So what's Apple's bad result? First, it should be noted that the results of IDC are based on estimates. Apple will report its quarterly earnings on November 1.

However, if IDC did not actually do the job we announced Apple's decline in Mac sales. But it is not bad news for Apple to expect to be able to refresh its hardware soon, as Apple seems to be losing the aging Mac lineup.

Apple will hold an event on October 22nd. It is possible to release new iPad and updated Mac hardware. If Apple actually releases the latest Mac with the latest hardware, you can stop buying Macs and see many buyers. Apple's next-quarter earnings results should be good.

However, as Lenovo and Acer have proven their growth, Apple will not want to wait too long. Otherwise, potential customers are likely to become competitors. 19659011] is the best Mac to offer by 2018.

Via 9to5Mac