Infinity Run Rush Balls On Rhythm Roller Coaster Mod Apk

Get ready for the most epic and addictive game of the year, Infinity Run. You must ride the roller coaster and avoid being hit by obstacles. You must control a soccer ball on the epic roller coaster with the rhythm of the music. You can play Infinity with over 25 different balls during your game, unlocking one by one.

To play the game Infinity Run, you only need to master the combination of the left or the right with the search of slopes and heights during the roller coaster.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the epic adventure of controlling football to get ahead. Your competitors around the world with Infinity Run Mod apk.

Infinity Run full description

Infinity Run: Speed ​​the balls on the roller coaster rhythmic
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Android Free
Size [19659007] 22 M
Current Version 1.4.4
Last updated October 5, 2018
File Size mod 40M [19659207] Infinite Run Features
  • Get 100 incredible challenges
  • Improve your ranks by gathe Score XP in the game
  • 50 balls to collect
  • You can receive a daily record of rewards
  • Get 25 racing balls
  • Show your points with other players in the world

Infinity Run mod Apk [19659021] Get unlimited XP
  • Get all 25 Racing Balls to unlock
  • Get 50 Balls in your account
  • Get extra life when hitting obstacles
  • Infinity Run hack with tips and tricks to eliminate all levels [19659033] You can always check these tips and tricks to stay ahead of the competition and eliminate all levels of Infinity run.

    Infinity running tips and tricks

    Tip1 # Touch left and right for clear obstacles

    Infinity Run is a very simple game when it comes to controls. You have to touch the screen of your smartphone to the left or right to eliminate the obstacles. If you master the left-right combination, you can erase all levels of Infinity Run.

    If you check carefully in the game, the ball tends to roll fast on the slope, and it takes a few microseconds less when it has to go up in heights. Try to find out what combination and hit the left or right to clear all obstacles.

    Tip2 # Look ahead to get your correct ball

    You must look forward to an obstacle to clear the ball you are hitting. All the infinite races are easy to play when you know how to look forward one step. You should also check the slope or height to predict correctly and avoid miles.

    Check the speed of the ball and the distance it must cover before touching the left or right button. Always pay attention to the slope, as well as the things you will receive when you play Infinity Run.

    Tip 3 # Collect 25 different Racing balls to suit your style

    Many players excel when they play with the infinite ball differently run Therefore, depending on your taste, choose the ball that will give you an advantage over another ball. One thing we should advise our reader is that, regardless of the ball you choose, you must concentrate 100% on the left / right combination and on the slope / height in the lane.

    Tip 4 # immerse yourself in the rhythm of The Galaxy

    One of the best songs you'll hear while playing any game is the rhythm of the galaxy. Infinity Run has the most addictive song known as "Rhythm of the Galaxy". You must match the beat with the rhythm of the song, and you can eliminate all obstacles.

    When you play the game Infinity Run, which is repetitive at all levels, just one thing, you are saved from boredom, your music refreshing. You can listen to that music for hours without getting bored.

    Tip 5 # Take a break

    After completing some levels, take a break, cool down and start over. The game Infinity Run requires a lot of concentration and patience, for that you need to take a break between your game and rejuvenate yourself to be able to play ahead.

    Final Thought

    Infinity Run is a very addictive game that will eat you a lot of time. Therefore, to get the whole ball running and get the additional ball to start over, download our Infinity Run mod + Obb files application along with the full installation from our website.

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