Hitman 2 hands on: dropping drug lords in Colombia

With great secrecy comes great patience, that's what it says, right? Unfortunately, I lack the latter, which makes me a poor candidate for any furtive game, and Hitman 2 is no exception.

Landing in a small Colombian town, my mission is clear: to kill three members of the drug cartel Delgado, a Colombian organized criminal family that is creating a substance known as super cocaine, as quickly and cleanly as possible.

So, who are the lucky three on my radar? Rico Delgado, the head of the head and the capo; Andrea Martinez, Delgado's public relations guru; and Jorge Franco, the & # 39; pharmacist & # 39; What could go wrong?

Caring for business (more or less)

While Agent 47 wanders around the small South American city, dressed as the most unpleasant tourist I've ever seen, I pick up information that tells me the best way to get my marks. A sign tells me that Rico Delgado is organizing a small meeting in the center of the city to celebrate the erection of a statue of himself. It is one of the few occasions when he will venture out of his mansion.

Making my way to the center of the city, I see that the stage that Delgado will take is heavily guarded. But the whispers between them tell me that the statue is built on loose foundations, so it would not take long for an "accident" to happen. The problem was that the statue itself was also protected, so it would need a new disguise.

After (several) unsuccessful attempts, I managed to distract a lazy builder with a shiny coin, knock him out and steal his clothes before legear To a nearby garage to pick up a key. While the guards were looking for the culprit of the construction of the builder, I casually returned to the statue to loosen the screws and subtly returned to the center of the city. However, I admit, several versions of this resulted in the guards intruding on me and my panic, shooting them all before being escorted to the River Styx. All the time, a real life Agent 47 sat next to me, quietly judging my attempts.

Little drummer

Now the statue is loose, I can sit down and enjoy the masterful execution of my plan. Except that the band that is supposed to play has gone crazy. Excellent. Apparently, they had a big party last night and I need to gather their hangover asses. I find one passed out in the back of a house, and immediately I open the tap, another collapses next to a generator, so I turn it on, and the third one simply snakes around a bus stop. But where is the drummer?

After finding myself in a rather noisy house, I decipher that he is probably there. So I turn off the electricity, distracting a nearby resident, and then take them out and take the key to the house when they come to investigate. It turns out that everything is for nothing: the drummer is dead. So I share my respects, since only Agent 47 knows how and I steal his drummer's outfit from his lifeless corpse. RIP small drummer.

Now that the band is back together, I'm on the stage to defend our fallen comrade. The sound of our sweet and sweet tones finally attracts Rico and Andrea. Maybe I can kill two birds with a stone in the shape of a statue? While Agent 47 integrates into the band with some funky drum rhythms, Rico takes the stage and rolls up a bit. The real magic happens when he goes to remove the cover of the statue and inevitably falls on it, crushing it, but unfortunately not to Andrea. One below.

The center of the city is immediately blocked, but I intend to get away, forgetting the buzz you get from a clean death in Hitman, it's electric.

The best established plans

From this moment, things became increasingly difficult. I spent about an hour doing the above: between being constantly caught by the guards and panicking by shooting everyone in sight. I could not figure out how to kill Andrea (although the challenge section of the menu suggested that she could drop a crane on her or create some kind of accident in a cement mixer). I watched her walk through the city to her small safe house again and again, but I could not see a clean way to get it out, so I went ahead. The real-life agent 47 silently judged: "I'm sorry," I murmur.

For the next one, while I travel aimlessly through Colombia and, although technically I'm not doing what it should be, it's a vibrant and interactive world to explore. Fishermen, tourists, enlightened tourists, rich vegetation and cozy bars create the feeling of living and breathing somewhere. Somewhere, Agent 47 definitely sticks out like a sore thumb.

Finally, I discover the best way to bring down Jorge Franco: thanks to a too talkative drug dealer who heard that he put cocaine in a memory that finally broke. He's looking for some glue to stick it on again, glue that could get poisoned if he wanted to, but out of love for mercy I can not find the glue anywhere, and I accidentally dropped the poison in a tourist's drink before. in. It's time for a new plan.

While stirring the jungle areas of the city, I ran into a random security guard from the mansion, who was lying on the ground. I think he was cooked by a coconut, but feeling a blessing in disguise that I do not complain about, instead of taking off his clothes and putting on his clothes, before going to the mansion to kill Jorge.

I entered the mansion and it resulted in a bloodbath, before my time was up and I slipped out of the game with a single murder. But, it turns out that, where he had failed others in the session, he has succeeded, but some have not even been able to kill Rico. What was clear was that we had all completed our murders in completely different ways: some under the guise of a tattoo artist and others as snipers. There were not two equal games.

I spent a few hours with Hitman 2 and it was not close enough to sample the vast world of Colombia and the available murder options. However, in those few hours I found Hitman 2 offering more freedom than ever before, in a lush interactive world where we can not wait any longer for

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