New Nintendo Switch model could launch in 2019

Nintendo has a long legacy of adjusting the hardware of their consoles, from all the aesthetic changes that made Game Boy to the reconfiguration of the Wii, and it seems that the Switch will not be different.

According to a Wall Street Journal report an updated version of the switch could affect stores in 2019, in an attempt to "maintain the sales momentum of the device," citing "suppliers and others." with direct knowledge of the plan. "

So far, the details of the update are few, although the WSJ suggests that the screen could be updated from the manufacturing process of the LCD, which could mean a better resolution for its games (in less when in hand mode)

The switch goes online

If the Switch follows in the footsteps of previous Nintendo consoles such as the 3DS, it is unlikely that any update will significantly change its capabilities (as opposed to the improved version of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro), so if you're considering buying a Switch in the near future, it's probably not worth waiting until the end of 2019 to buy the newest model that is rumored.

At this stage, details about the processing power updates are scarce, however, users have cited problems with the battery's longevity in the past, so a New model of the popular Nintendo console will try to improve its longevity.

Either way, with the recent release of from Nintendo Switch Online it seems that the handheld device will grow in popularity just one year after its release.

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Through Ars Technica

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