Microsoft’s Project xCloud streaming service will let you play Forza on your phone

Microsoft has just announced a new broadcast service that aims to allow you to play renowned games on any device you want, whenever you want.

Project xCloud will leverage existing Microsoft data centers around the world, literally loading servers with the component parts of multiple Xbox One consoles, and use them to run the games transmitted directly to your mobile device of choice.

The final result will be that the players will be able to play to likes of Halo, Forza and other classics. The console and the PC are very successful on their phones or tablets.

You can use an Xbox controller connected to your mobile via Bluetooth, or if you want to do without that, Microsoft promises touch controls that will work only as an alternative.

Microsoft already has the system up and running today, and when it's ready and ready, the company promises it will expand into 54 Azure regions (with data centers in about 140 countries). [19659002] It is expected that the first public tests will begin in 2019, and that the beta tests will go towards perfecting the technology and will then be implemented throughout the world.

Latency concerns

It's an exciting prospect, of course, and if Microsoft can maintain a limit on latency to allow smooth, at least impressive streaming of the game. The company promises that it is working on all fronts to ensure that this is an ingenious experience, which includes discovering new ways to carry out video encoding and decoding.

Of course, as always with this type of services, the result not only depends on the technology, the network and the data centers of Microsoft, but also on the user's connection.

Microsoft admits that "it will push the limit of what is possible even with 5G", and of course when it comes to mobile broadband, 5G is still somehow out of the launch, let alone become the norm.

However, Project xCloud is an exciting vision of the future of unrestricted games, where you can enjoy all the console or PC successes on your phone while you're away.

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