Over the years, we have seen numerous modifications and cases of phones inspired by Game Boy that try to rekindle that magic of games for children; Unfortunately, due to its unofficial character, the vast majority has been quite scarce.

It seems that will not be the case (will you get it?) For much longer, since it has been revealed that Nintendo has filed a patent for an official smartphone case that will turn your phone into the most loved laptop of the 90s

Discovered for the first time by Siliconera, the patent shows a folio-style case with a window cutout, along with a classic D-pad, and buttons A, B, Start and Selection, all presented in the original design of Game Boy [19659004] An additional trimming is also included for the front camera of the smartphone: could the functionality of the Game Boy Camera reappear?

When placed on a smartphone, the buttons interact with the touch screen of the device, which leads us to fiercely speculate that Nintendo plans to launch an official Game Boy application that will house the classic catalog of computer titles. hand.

Currently, there is no information on a release date for the Game Boy case, and it is also unclear with which devices it will be compatible: the patent shows corners embedded inside the box to hold the devices, which suggests that this will not be a one size issue. We will keep you informed as more information is revealed.

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