Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman Signs Exclusive Deal With Amazon

adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book Good Omens will arrive at Amazon next year, but this study is not yet ready to finalize its collaboration with the prolific Author .

Gaiman signed a first-sight agreement with distribution giant Fremantle, but decided to leave the market after its expiration date. He found a new home at Amazon, and the head of this study, Jennifer Salke, was more than happy to welcome him to his kingdom.

"Neil Gaiman is an extraordinarily talented writer who creates compelling, multi-dimensional and narrative worlds uniquely." His fans are ardent, vocal and passionate, and we are fortunate to bring his talented vision to the Prime Video audience. " Said Salke

Neil Gaiman already worked closely with Amazon executives and was impressed by how well they handled the adaptation of Good Omens successful novel he wrote with the late Terry Pratchett. he shoved him in the right direction even before he agreed to sign the agreement.

"They are intelligent people, gloriously enthusiastic, who did not fear that Good Omens were different but that they were as determined as I was. to do something as unique and exciting as it is, "explained the bestselling author behind Stardust American Gods and Coraline . [19659007]

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