Microsoft pauses Windows 10 October 2018 update over file deletions

On October 10, 2018, Microsoft pressed the pause button in the Windows Update Rollup. While investigating reports of users who deleted files, many users installed the upgrade without any problems, but some of the early early adopters

"When looking into the quarantined reports of users missing some files after the update, Windows 10 has paused the release of the October 10 update (version 1809): "Microsoft's updated support page requires a new software upgrade.

If you encounter problems with deleted files after applying the update, you can contact your Microsoft representative directly to see the bottom of what is happening to the engineer (contact details here). If you manually download the update, Microsoft recommends that you do not install it for the time being.

Not the softest of the updates

It is difficult to measure the size of the problem at the moment, but there are enough threads and at least a few unfortunate users to suggest something Forum posts Looks like other users are affected differently, The files in the file can be between affected people.

Rolling back an update does not seem to re-import the file, but the dedicated file recovery software might not work. . A fully automatic release is not scheduled until October 9, so you can revert it now.

It was extensively tested as part of the Windows Insider program in October 2018, but it was not the smoothest of Microsoft's update processes. already. In addition, you reported a problem with the Microsoft Edge browser and some newer Intel processors and associated display audio drivers after the update.

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