Apple, Amazon vehemently deny report of Chinese spy hardware in their servers

Bloomberg's Businessweek announced on October 4th that Chinese government spies detailed a joint effort by China's Supermicro to jointly install data acquisition hardware on server computers sold to Amazon and Apple. Amazon and Apple both publicly deny this claim.

"As I informed Bloomberg before, this is not entirely true." There is some content in Apple's public statement.

Apple's response cites anonymous sources to cover almost every aspect of the Bloomberg report and to directly dispute all claims.

Each response is based on a Bloomberg report,

Large impacts

Because of the inability to know who was wrong in this scenario, the implications of such a claim Supermicro servers in this report have the world's most ubiquitous apps and services, such as Amazon Web Services cloud hosting and Apple's Siri digital assistant search capabilities.

The government has to As Businessweek said, it seems to have harvested data from two of the world's largest companies and service providers since 2014.

Few companies have statements that can last as long as the report itself. Whatever you think after reading the Businessweek report and this statement, it is clear that this storm has not ended.

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