Torrenting back on the rise as consumers suffer streaming fatigue

The volume of online data has increased significantly due to the increase in file services such as torrents.

When the first Global Internet Phenomenon Report was announced in 2011, file sharing was considerably easier. It was popular on wired networks, but little on mobile.

In the United States, 52.1% of upstream traffic in the fixed network and 3.83% of upstream mobile traffic were used in the torrent. In Europe, it was much higher at 59.68% for fixed telephones and 17.03% for mobile phones.

However, in 2014, the figure is 26.83% in the Americas and 21.08% in Europe. The volume of traffic has steadily increased as content has turned into video streaming and the use of the Internet for social sharing, OTT messaging and gaming.

The latest version of the current report shows that this trend is reversing outside the Americas. .

Back to the rising trend

There are several reasons why file sharing has declined over the years and then returned.

HBO's Game of Throne or Netflix's House of Cards made it very expensive for consumers to access all of these services. That's why many people sign up for one or two streaming services and then pirate content that they can not afford.

At the same time, most of these streaming services are based in the United States and there is no international distribution to attract consumers. You can download these programs because you do not have access to the content.

Worldwide Premiere Time is also an increase in file sharing recently. For example, if an episode of Game of Thrones is not premiered around the world at the same time, consumers will download it when available.

To prevent streaming services from becoming more popular with file shares, these issues should arise first.

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