GOG’s 10th anniversary sale has great discounts and Shadow Warrior 2 for free

GOG celebrates its tenth anniversary and marks that milestone with some impressive discounts on renowned games, not to mention a tempting free gift in the form of Shadow Warrior 2.

Yes, you can grab the sequel to the first-person shooter of worship for absolutely nothing (the original was launched for the first time in 1997, you can believe it, and later it was restarted 16 years later).

It's a pretty sweet deal, to say the least, because Shadow Warrior 2 was a generally well-received game, particularly as a cooperative explosion. The offer has just started and will last two days, so do not worry about it.

But what about the other offers GOG offers? We have selected some of the best in the group, as follows …

In GOG there are many more games on offer, so be sure to take a look and see if you can choose your classics and favorites. more contemporary successes alike.

And do not forget that Black Friday is back rolling next month, so we're forced to watch some bargain games and, in fact, gaming hardware, in November.

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