Stylish lunchbox Prepd is back and it’s cheaper and more colorful

Do you remember Prepd? The "lunchbox that you will not be embarrassed to bring" raised more than $ 1 million on Kickstarter in 2016, and is now returning with a sequel to the iPhone 5c that is both cheaper and more colorful.

Prepd, In case you missed it, it is not a class of intelligent, next generation IOT lunch box. Rather, it is a premium-free take on the lunchbox built by two designers who were fed up with loading ugly boxes containing their food. Style aside, it is also designed to keep portions healthy. To date, more than 50,000 lunch boxes have been sold worldwide, according to the company.

The new Kickstarter Prepd & # 39; Colors & # 39; reduce the price of the product to $ 39 (or $ 35 for the first 24 hours of the campaign), which is going down from $ 50 on the last Kickstarter . The original version has a recommended retail price of $ 69 and the new edition will sell for $ 49 once the campaign ends.

The real difference with the new edition is that the elegant bamboo cover of the original version is replaced with a colorful cover that uses the same magnetic lock mechanism. Likewise, the same high-quality leak-proof Tritan containers and reusable magnetic cutlery are included in the set.

Founders Chris Place and Will Matters told TechCrunch that they have made some small optimizations but the goal is to offer some variation (colors include blue, peach, mint or gray) and make the product more affordable

"Includes the same benefits of the original product but in a simpler version at a more accessible price. "Place said in an interview

" We are surprised at how many people use it on a regular basis and the changes it makes in their lives, "Matters added." People love it, but some say they can not justify spending $ 69, so we wanted to allow more people to take it by the hand. "

Two and a half years is a long time between products, but Hong Kong, based in the United States, Place and Matters, said they have been busy working with retailers and partners, including Blue Apron, Bloomingdale & s and Nordstrom, Beyond that, they have partnered with content creators and chefs to develop the complementary application that works together with the lunch box.

The follow-up act is always complicated, especially when a project exceeds its objective, as was the case with Prepd.The Kickstarter project again seeks to reach a minimum goal of $ 25,000 that will cover the tools and processes to build the product. Since Prepd uses Kickstarter in the traditional way, as a platform to validate an idea instead of marketing an existing product, the finished product should not be sent to the sponsors until March 2019, although several prototypes have already been developed. [19659002] 1538553496 586 stylish lunchbox prepd is back and its cheaper and more colorful

Prepd has been dragged to this day, despite the fact that Place and Matters admit that they have shown interest in VC. For now, the duo said they are focused on this Kickstarter campaign, but admitted that they are looking to "energize" their community of lunchbox owners by developing new content for the Prepd application that could include cooking shows or live broadcasts. of chefs.

"We are looking to take advantage of the community and do what Peloton has done [for cycling] but to cook," said Place.

All the details about the new Prepd product can be found on Kickstarter here.

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