Ryan Reynolds Joins Video-Game Inspired Comedy Free Guy

One would think that Ryan Reynolds could never get bored of wearing red and black spandex, but the Deadpool actor is getting ready to take off his disguise and He tackles a thrilling new character when he just gets the lead role in the upcoming action comedy called Free Guy.

This promising project tells the story of a bank teller who discovers that he is actually a character in the background. in a video game With the help of an avatar, try to prevent the creators of the game from closing their world.

20th Century Fox picked up this project in 2016 as a spec script, written by newcomer Matt Lieberman. His filmography includes several promising films that have not yet hit theaters, including animations of The Addams Family and Scooby-Doo.

The screenwriter behind Free Guy may be a new bee, but this action comedy is still in good hands. The director of The Night at the Museum Shawn Levy will be in charge of giving life to this story and will play as a producer with Reynolds. His most recent direction credits include several episodes of the hit series Netflix Stranger Things that he is also producing.

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