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Our thoughts are inevitably directed to the PS5 now that the PS4 is officially coming to the end of its life cycle (that's directly from Sony), so what can you expect from the Sony PlayStation 5 and when it can wait? To trow?

For now, Sony remains quite silent when it comes to specific plans for the PS5: but we know that the release date of PlayStation 5 will someday exist, thanks to Sony's president and CEO, Shawn Layden, confirming as much in an interview with

In May, Sony CEO John Kodera revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the PS5 would not be launched until at least 2021. However, a T3 investigation claimed that the PS5 could be launched as early as Christmas 2019, before of the Xbox Two.

Even as we await the official confirmation of a PS5 release, we can still get excited about the next generation console. We all know that the rumors, wish lists and alarmingly convincing were leaked. The performances in the period prior to the revelation of the console are an important part of the fun.

In that spirit, we have put together everything we want to see most of the PlayStation 5 and what are its outstanding features when it arrives.


PS5: release date

Without an official Sony word on a PS5 release date, it's hard to determine exactly when we might see a PS5 console.

Some analysts predict that the release date of PlayStation 5 could be around 2020 or 2021, for example, while others say it's 2019, so only in the three-year window, then.

Talking to GamingBolt Michael Pachter said that although he thinks the PS5 will be a half step and will be compatible with the previous version of the PS4 Pro, he does not think we'll see it until "2019 or 2020 but probably 2019" .

This would make sense since it would be in line with the predictions for when the 4K TV The market in the United States will reach 50%. "I think Sony probably already has the next console cycle scheduled," he says. "I think they already know what they have to do."

More recently, Pachter clarified this claim and said that Sony probably releases the new console in 2020. He added that at this moment he believes that the PS4 Pro will become the base model of PlayStation and will see a reduction in the price.

Meanwhile, a recent report by Jason Schreier of Kotaku supports this idea. He spoke with several developers about the most likely release dates, and most conversations point to a 2020 release. He writes: "There is information from on the PlayStation 5 that floats in the first and third party companies, but it's much more limited than it would be if the launch of the console were imminent. "

A recent report by the Wall Street Journal points to a three-year-long release, and John Kodera of Sony says: "We will use the next three years to prepare for the next step, to duck and thus be able to jump higher. in the future". [19659002] Not long after this, Sony's new CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, launched a three-year business plan for the company that predicted that the company's profits would decrease until 2021. This is the kind of crash that can come as the PlayStation 4 reaches the saturation of the market, before the launch of the PS5.

So mark your calendars for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

  PS4 DualShock

PS4 DualShock

PS5: competition

Although we are terribly impatient for the news of a PlayStation 5. Since then, it has not We can blame Sony for taking a few more years to really milk the last of the PS4, given the huge and loyal base of players. After all, the PS4 Pro is still relatively new in the market and its direct competitor, the Xbox One X from Microsoft, is an even more recent version.

However, industry expert Jez Corden and a recent list of Microsoft jobs have hinted that Microsoft is already thinking about the next [X459009] Xbox – the Xbox Two (codenamed " Xbox Scarlett "). This means that it is highly unlikely that Sony is not doing the same and that, perhaps, it is even more advanced in the process.

According to gaming industry analyst Hideki Yasuda (through T3) and his firm Ace Economic Research Institute, "the introduction of the PS5 will be by the end of 2019." A version of 2019 would be much earlier than expected and would mean that Sony has put the wool over their eyes, it would also mean that the PS5 would be launched before the Xbox Two.

If we are sincere, we can not really see any urgent need to start a new generation at this time . And given Microsoft's growing commitment to backward compatibility, we believe it's the key to Sony really thinking about the next steps.

Despite Yasuda's report, a wait of two to three years makes much more sense to us. However, it could be that Sony is trying to throw a blow to Microsoft from left field by launching earlier than expected.

PS5: news and rumors

The solid news about the PlayStation 5 is quite rare on the ground at the moment, but as always, we have rumors about what could happen in the future, and We have compiled and evaluated them here.

Ace Secur

Ace Economic Research Institute report

Game industry analyst Hideki Yasuda, of Osaka-based Ace Economic Research, has stated in a recent report that the PS5 could arrive in time for Christmas 2019 (through the T3).

The report estimates that "the introduction of the PS5 will be by the end of 2019." If this is true, then it will be a blow to Microsoft who has confirmed that Xbox Two (codenamed "Xbox Scarlett") will not be released until 2020.

John Kodera talks about life cycles [19659002] ] John Kodera of PlayStation has been discussing the future of the PS4 at a Sony corporate strategy meeting and, by extension, creating space for possible rumors of the release year of the PS5.

During the meeting, Kodera created It is clear that Sony is still far behind the console, but warned that sales are expected to decrease this year, in line with expectations as market saturation approaches. As the console reaches this point in its life cycle, it is natural to start waiting for the next iteration.

Kodera stated that the time that would pass from now until 2021 would be a period in which Sony would crouch, suggesting that a new big idea could be just around the corner. Maybe 2021 is the time to wait for the appearance of the PS5?

No E3 2018

Now that E3 2018 has arrived and gone, we know that there was no mention of the PS5 during the event. Instead, Sony offered deep dives in four of its biggest games: Death Stranding, Spider-Man, The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. See this space for E3 2019.

Eurogamer tech analysis

A recent report by Eurogamer has tried to reduce a possible launch date depending on when the technologies advanced sufficiently as to justify A generational leap will be available for Sony. The most important things that will have to advance will be the processor of the console and its memory, and in both cases, Eurogamer has determined that it is unlikely that we will see a new console released before the end of 2019.

Even if Sony managed to get its console on this date, the production cost would make the PS5 too expensive, so it is more likely that we will not see the console released until the end of 2020, if Sony intends to do it. It is an attractive proposal.

  Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Andrew House talks to the next generation

Former Sony boss Andrew House has been talking about what the next generation of consoles As in the GamesBeat conference recently. Although House declined to comment specifically on the PlayStation 5 itself, it did say that it believes that physical disks will be maintained for a while, due to the need to continue to turn to developing markets where downloadable titles may not be as compatible with Internet infrastructure limited.

However, in other markets, he believes that streaming games will be an important part of the next generation of consoles.

House also stated that he believes that PS4 and PS4 Pro still have a long life in them. This does not necessarily cancel the rumors that the PS5 will be with us in the next one or two years; If the reports that the console will be compatible with previous versions are true, the generation of PS4 will remain relevant for a long time in the life cycle of the PS5. Regardless, given that House was not willing to comment on the PS5 despite being pushed, these details can only be considered speculation at this time.

The SemiAcccurate report

SemiAccurate (through ResetEra) states that it received information filtered in the console yet to be announced and says that the number of development kits that have been distributed suggests that the console could be launched sooner than expected.

In addition to this, SemiAccurate also reports that Sony will use this console to further boost its VR efforts, with built-in VR technology at the Silicon level, and will sport a GPU based on AMD's Navi architecture with a The CPU is potentially a custom element of the Zen line of AMD.

Although SemiAcccurate has a decent track record with its reports, having accurately reported Nintendo's Nintendo partnership for the Switch and the PS4 specifications in 2012, I still say take this with a pinch of salt.

Although the specifications seem plausible, a release date of 2019 seems a bit exaggerated. Regardless of the amount of developer kits that Sony has distributed, it feels too soon after the release of the PS4 Pro for the next PlayStation console right now … and we are coming towards the end of 2018.

<img id = "aPeJiQcLGDkYWkB6VJSVtC" alt = "PS4 on stage [19659053] PS4 on stage

The Marcus Sellars claims

The famous player Marcus Sellars has been making bold claims on Twitter recently (via GameRant) , claiming that the PS5 development kits are already in the hands of third-party developers He also claimed that Nintendo is planning a Direct broadcast for March 8 (something that has since proven to be accurate.) In fact, Sellars has been accurate with its claims several times: it recently revealed that Metroid Prime 4 was being developed by Bandai Namco.

However, Sellars did not provide any evidence to support its s affirmations so that they really can not be taken as something other than rumor at the moment.

Something that may be interesting in relation to this, however, is that recently the Projekt Red CD revealed that its next Cyberpunk 2077 title was being developed for current and next generation consoles, which was a big surprise to many. It has not been confirmed yet if this means that they are one of the external developers that work with these rumorized kits.

Even if the development kits are in the hands of the developers, this does not mean that the PS5 arrives anytime soon. It could still be another couple of years before any kind of disclosure in terms of hardware.

The patent

Something that does help the case of Sellars is a recently updated patent for compatibility with previous versions that has been presented by Sony. Originally presented in 2015, the patent was updated in February to say "Compatibility tests with previous versions of the software in a time-interrupting mode." This is no guarantee that Sony is really working on the technology for the PS5 (could be creating a peripheral that makes possible the compatibility with previous versions) but it is not impossible that this can be for a new generation console.

PlayStation Plus news

Although there has been no official Sony news about the development of a PlayStation 5 yet, a recent announcement regarding the PlayStation Plus service has sparked some speculation. It has been announced that as of March 2019, PS Plus will no longer offer free PS3 or PSVita games, but will focus on the PS4 titles. This has led to the question whether Sony is trying to phase out these titles from previous generations in preparation for a new generation. This is, of course, pure speculation, but it is interesting that Sony would be willing to reduce its offer of games to only two games (as reported by Polygon ) without any other excuse that you do not want to focus on titles for A console already highly successful. It is not clear if Sony is really opening the way for the PS5 or if it will offer a better game quality for PS4 and it seems that we will have to wait a bit to find out what the final plan for PS Plus is. [19659026] PS5: can we have proper 4K games?

The PS4 Pro offers a tempting suggestion of how the 4K games might be . But the fact is that he still does not have the snarl of doing native 4K consistently.

His "chess board" technique of taking individual pixels and using each to generate four pixels in 4K resolution is smart, and can perform a native 4K output, but often has to sacrifice the resolution to maintain consistent performance.

Chris Kingsley, CTO and co-founder of developer Rebellion, hangs an even more ambitious technological carrot in front of a putative PS5: "Obviously, the new hardware should be able to support 4K TVs and possibly even 8K TVs in one push"

Native 4K support, surely, will be a basic requirement of the PlayStation 5. And if Sony solves that particular problem with alacrity, it could even mean that a PlayStation 5 will arrive earlier than planned.

<img id = "cTyiw7nysApNwFmG9bU4NF" alt = "PS5 Games [19659069] PS5 Games

Apart from the visuals in 4K, if the latest presentations in GDC 2018 are going to happen, we can certainly expect the next generation offers incredible visual advances in terms of character models.

During GDC, we could see what the next generation of games would look like and left us extremely excited about the PS5.

Real-time ray tracing It was revealed as the next great thing to render, while Epic Games gave us an idea of ​​how it could be used to create the most realistic characters in history.Using its capture technology, the creator of Unreal Engine showed a future with character models so realistic that they bring us closer to crossing the strange valley, see an interpretation by Andy Serkis below to see how capable these new development technologies are:

"Honestly, between five and ten years from now, I do not think I'll be able to distinguish the difference between the real world and the virtual world, "said Kim Libreri of Epic ," You will see hardware that can support this kind of capabilities soon, and then, finally, the biggest blockbuster with the most complex effects, within ten years, you can do that in real time. "

When Libreri tells us that we will see hardware that can support this technology "very soon" we can not be sure, but I would like to think that he is talking about the not yet announced PS5 .

PS5: the VR effect

Sony became the first console manufacturer to embrace virtual reality, thanks to the PlayStation VR but if it examines the PlayStation VR shutdown and – and watch how it works on the PS4 Pro – invites speculation about how a PlayStation 5 console could take virtual reality to a new level.

Currently, PlayStation VR works at a lower resolution than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – but, in its current form, even its current incarnation almost pushes the PlayStation 4 base beyond its limits. Running a PlayStation VR on a PS4 Pro brings improved frame rates, which are very useful in terms of the overall VR experience, but even the PS4 Pro can not overcome the resolution restrictions set by the PlayStation VR headset.

Sony will want to return to the market with a second iteration of PlayStation VR

noticeably more advanced, so it's a good bet that, assuming that PlayStation VR is successful (and it seems that it is already realizing), Sony will want to return to the market with a second iteration, markedly higher technology: what would provide an obvious point of sale for the PlayStation 5.

And if a PlayStation VR 2 headset could be sold without an external black box, it should be much cheaper . accelerating the VR running in the mainstream. A recent SemiAcccurate report, which states that the PS5 will have integrated virtual reality capabilities at the silicon level, suggests that this will indeed be the case.

 PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

The Kingsley of Rebellion is another good point about the second generation VR. "Anything that reduces the wires has to be a good thing," he says.

The umbilical cord that currently connects users of VR headsets to their consoles or PC obviously goes against the immersive nature of VR, and we're already starting to see, for example, a third-party implementation for the HTC Vive that generates it. wireless It is a safe bet that the ability to run a wireless PlayStation VR 2 will be incorporated into the PS5.

But Kingsley's PlayStation VR 2 wish list goes further: "The wide vertical and horizontal field of view would be first on my list, and of course, that would require a resolution of 4K per eye, and the high dynamic range would be excellent "too".

HDR and wider fields of view should be achievable, but unfortunately, we do not believe that the total 4K VR is a possibility even for the PS5, as Kingsley points out, that would require a representation of 4K per eye, which equates to a global representation of 8K, which we hope is beyond the capabilities of the PS5.

Having said that, Sony may find some intelligent technology engineer to get around that before launching its fifth PlayStation console.

  Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank

What form will the PS5 take? [19659009] It has been suggested that future consoles such as the PlayStation 5 could take radically different forms to the current ones, thanks to advances in cloud computing and the transmission of games, eliminating the components that make today's devices so bulky. However, we believe that it is unlikely that Sony will adopt a more Nintendo-like approach and place the PS5 in a small box.

One of the reasons is that with the PS4, Sony has only committed to using what is basically the entrails of a PC: the first three variants of PlayStation used proprietary components (and that on the PS3 had an impact on sales). The developers, certainly, were greatly relieved that the PS4 took the route of the PC.

"We always want fast CPUs and GPUs, but a lot of fast RAM is also very important, there is no point in having fast processors if they are data-free."

Chris Kingsley

"Developers want the ability to make the best games with the least effort, we want to focus on being creative and making things work," says Kingsley. "So the hardware must be hardware-based of the current console, which in turn is based on the hardware of the PC. "We always want fast CPUs and GPUs, but a lot of fast RAM is also very important, it does not help to have fast processors if they lack data".

All of the above can be achieved, but will the PS5 still have a hard drive?

The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, spoke at the launch of the PS4 on how to decide to put hard disks and 8GB of RAM on the PS4 were "multi-billion dollar decisions". The fact that Sony has now created an external hard drive support possible for the PS4 and d Pro is a step in the right direction and this is something that could move to the PS5, which will undoubtedly have to deal with even larger 4K assets.

It seems true that Sony is very interested in hearing what your community thinks; Recently, a group called PlayStation Voice sent surveys to members of their closed community asking them what their PS5 expectations are. A member of the community posted the email he received and found himself removed from the group for breaking his non-disclosure agreements.

According to PSU PlayStation Voice is a community managed by a third-party consumer information agency, Join the Dots. Once the information has been collected, it is returned to the clients (the client in this case, presumably, is Sony PlayStation).

It is true that this does not tell us much about the PS5 itself, apart from the fact that things are likely to remain the same. in the early stages. While it is unlikely that Sony will use the information collected from their communities to decide exactly what features will be included in the console, the ideas of the fans can undoubtedly inspire a lot of ideas.

PS5 and streaming games

Of course, if the games were transmitted to the PS5, that problem would disappear completely, and Sony already has a game transmission service in the form of PlayStation Now .

So, why is not it more a defined characteristic than something on our wish list? Well, Sony is keeping its lips tight on PlayStation Now's uptake numbers, but we suspect they are pretty impressive. No doubt, he has had trouble establishing the correct subscription charges, since PlayStation Now effectively offers compatibility with previous versions, a "luxury" that was previously free for owners of PlayStation 2 and 3.

There would be nothing to stop to Sony launching a small version of the cloud-based form factor console for those with mega-fast broadband

But the biggest problem is broadband speed. Even 4K TV requires a minimum of 25Mbps of broadband to provide a satisfactory transmission, and it is doubtful that the transmission of games in 4K, with additional information in the visual part, will work reliably at such speeds. There's nothing stopping Sony from launching a small version of the PS5 console based on the form factor cloud for those with mega-fast broadband, perhaps with a mobile phone-style subscription model that has initial hardware costs (something Microsoft is thinking about) ).

But for the PS5 to sell something similar to its predecessors, there should be a conventional version with similar entries to the PS4.

Foreign Minister Philip Hammond previously announced an investment in infrastructure aimed at bringing fast broadband data and 5G mobile data to the UK, but the first thing that would have an impact would be 2021, and the PS5 will almost certainly arrive before then. However, perhaps your first mid-cycle update is a streaming version that takes advantage of the growing 5G networks.

 PS5 games

PS5 games

PS5: optical discs or not?

The rise of the download The games, which continue to affect the physical disc market, mean that experts have been predicting that consoles will not be available for a decade. However, our assumption is that the PS5 will not be the first system that risks venturing down that road, at least not until it finds out that Microsoft does the same.

Sony has received many (justifiable) criticisms for not putting a 4K Blu-ray drive on the PS4 Pro, which makes it a less attractive purchase for movie and TV fans than the Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

Surveys continue to show that players are still tied to the possibility of buying games on physical discs, among other things because they can sell them (a practice that the gaming industry hates) and Keep the space on the hard drive use at a manageable level.

If Sony withdrew the Blu-ray drive from the PS5, players would expect several terabytes of storage in compensation.

Kingsley gives the developer's opinion on the subject: "I think the days of delivery of movies and games on disk are in decline, since most people are becoming digital; However, some people like physical discs, therefore, who knows if that decrease will stabilize and remain present but at a lower level than now? "

that believes that consoles and disk drives will still be there.

"The consoles and the disk drives will probably stay for a long period of time […] I think it's the consumer who decides which is the easiest way for them to buy a game.

"And it may mean that they no longer have a store on the street, so they decide to buy it [digitally] maybe it's easier for them."



So, when can we expect the PS5?

Since the PlayStation 4 was launched in 2013 and Sony consoles arrived at six-year intervals, it would be easy to project that it will launch the PlayStation 5 in 2019. as soon as. The type of technology available should easily allow full 4K native games without charging the PS5 with a massive price tag, and by 2019, 4K TVs will be the norm, rather than the exception, in the average home.

2020 could be the year that Sony releases the PS5 in the world, as the first native 4K console with wireless VR … as long as Microsoft does not arrive first

Therefore, it would be a surprise if Sony did not want to to capitalize on that at the earliest possible juncture. However, Kingsley points to the PS4 Pro and acknowledges that it could have an effect on the current console's cycle length: "It's hard to judge, but overall I think it's fair to say that the overall cycle will lengthen a bit."

Especially if the PS4 Pro exceeds the base PS4, which is certainly not something we anticipate happening once it has reached a critical mass of homes with 4K TVs.

So maybe 2020 could be the year that Sony releases the PS5 in the world, as the first native 4K console with wireless VR … as long as Microsoft does not arrive first.

What games can we do? Do you expect to see on PS5?

If the aforementioned backward compatibility patent is actually applied, we can expect to see the entire PS4 library available to play on the PS5. Or, maybe we'll see another round of remasters like we did when we went from PS3 to PS4. However, we imagine that there will be some games that will be developed specifically for this new generation of PlayStation 5 console and the extra power it is likely to offer.

We have already seen that the Projekt Red CD mentions that it is being developed for this generation. As in the next, and along with the rumors that there are already developer kits in sight, we believe that there is a great possibility that Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the first titles of PS5.

Check out our PS4 vs PS4: PSVR compares and explains the video below.

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