Microsoft might make a shrunken Surface that fits in your pocket

Microsoft's Surface Chief Panos Panay promises to use a pocketable surface device, although Microsoft did not offer it from Surface Phone last night.

How can you be sure? In an interview published today, Panay, vice president of Microsoft's Device Group at Microsoft, said pocket-sized surface devices are "absolutely my baby" before hinting that there are surface devices in a form factor other than the devices already available . 19659002] Panay seems to confirm the presence of a much smaller Surface, but Panay sounds like equipment is not coming soon. Microsoft can not "bring new categories to the world"

"We think we have to do the right thing for any other form factor we have not seen yet, and we have to invent it all the way to perfection." "I'm not talking about hardware, it's all about talking, giving people the opportunity to do what they can do best, or transforming what they have not already done."

Surface Headphones It is a clear expression. If your product is new, the new product category. The new Cortana-enabled headset has a few special effects that you have not seen before, such as turning the control dial and adjusting noise cancellation.

Modular Surface Studios

According to Panay and The Verge interviews, Microsoft seems to have more modular devices for us.

As the modular design of Surface Hub 2 waves into the future Surface Studio, Panay says, "Maybe you can tell what evolution is and how to improve it for your customers, there's still a lot more to do. I can not say what I can do. "

Basically there is no answer, but it is not a negative rejection of existence. According to The Verge, there is at least one Microsoft patent that describes a modular desktop computer.

The modular design of Surface Studio has all the latest processors and graphics cards released to date. This is especially true for Surface Studio 2, featuring Kaby Lake CPU and Nvidia Pascal GPUs.

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