Best gaming headset 2018: the best PS4 and Xbox One headsets this year

If you're looking for a new headset for PS4 or Xbox One games, you're likely to feel a little overwhelmed by all the available options, and it's easy to make mistakes because there's a lot . However, make the right decision and your headphones can be almost as good as a huge surround sound system and a subwoofer that makes the floor tremble.

But do not worry, if you need something that does not wake up the neighbors, but also offer immersion. Hi-Fi audio, we are here to help you. The best Xbox One and PS4 gaming headsets not only deliver premium sound, but also allow you to communicate with others through multiplayer games (especially useful in consoles). Get a good one and your gaming experience (and performance) will improve tremendously.

When you buy the best gaming headsets, be sure to check for superior sound to hear and talk: it does not make sense to bark instructions for your team members if no one can understand what you are saying and it is always beneficial here footsteps of his enemies.

Also, it's worth keeping in mind that while the PS4 comes with a headset included in the box (unlike Xbox One), it is not one we would recommend, since the sound quality is not at the same level as which is included in this buyer's guide. Also, if you have a little extra money to spare, you can opt for great features such as wireless operation and noise cancellation.

The best PS4 / Xbox One gaming headsets: what to look for

If you are looking for a new PS4 or Xbox One headset, there are some factors to consider, the most important being the type of games you normally play. If you are a fan of massively multiplayer online games, for example, comfort should be your number one priority, since you will normally use your headphones for long periods. In this case, a cordless headset with a limited battery life is not so adequate.

If you're a serious fast-twitch ninja with professional game aspirations, you could get an advantage with a high-end headset that, on the other hand, has surround sound

if you're a serious fast-twitch ninja with aspirations Professional game, you could get an advantage with a high-end surround sound headset, which can do things like increase the noise made by the steps of the approaching rival players.

It's also important to consider your gaming environment: if you want to stay aware of what's going on around you while you play, opt for an open-backed gaming headset. However, if you like to play cooperatively in a noisy environment, you should use a noise canceling headset.

To help you select the best PS4 or Xbox One gaming headset, we have compiled this guide covering the best wireless, wired, high-end, and budget models currently on sale. Since it focuses on the console instead of the PC games, we assume that you are more likely to use your headphones to play cooperative and competitive action games, rather than the massive multiplayer games.

It's also worth it. Keep in mind that both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have design features that can complicate the process of configuring the gaming headset to work with them.

The Xbox One forces you to connect a gaming headset to your controller, and the older Xbox One controllers, annoyingly, do not have 3.5mm headphone jacks, forcing you to buy an adapter additional stereo headphones (which the earphone manufacturers seldom include with their products) for their Xbox One headsets.

On the other hand, the PS4 headphones can initially sound quiet, since the output level of the headphones is set to the half of its predetermined amount, which requires further system configuration.

Once you have set up one of the following gaming headsets to your liking though, you will find large parts of a kit that are also great headphones for listening to music while traveling, or TV shows and movies when you do not want to disturb other members of your household.

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Best Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4

HyperX has developed a large following among the pro-gaming community over the years. Your new handset, the Cloud Revolver S, adds Dolby 7.1 surround sound to the plan offered by the popular Cloud Revolver, without requiring you to get a second mortgage.

Quite simply, the Cloud Revolver S sounds amazingly good, especially at the price. You will be surprised in particular by the dynamics of its sound: deep bass, rumbling and crisp highs, never garish that allow you to hear all the sound effects and immerse you by complete in the environment created by the music of the game.

It's beautiful well done, comfortable and elegantly finished, and Dolby 7.1 surround sound is the cherry on the top, allowing you to identify incoming enemies on first-person shooters, especially if you explore the modes of pre-set equalization in which professional players had a lot of information. A hearing aid with high-end sound at an average price.

  The best gaming headset

The best headset for Xbox One in general

Turtle Beach is the specialized gaming headset manufacturer with more years of experience. among professional players, and when you unpack your high-end Elite Pro, you can see why. It simply oozes design with no expense, and sports all kinds of neat touches born of decades of professional gaming experience.

But more important than that, it sounds spectacular, with a huge bass and crystal clear treble that adds to a sound that will allow you to immerse yourself deeply in any game you are playing. As for comfort, it is exemplary, with large and thick pads that eliminate all environmental noise and can be easily adjusted to fit all head sizes. An interesting feature allows you to add space to the pads to accommodate a pair of glasses.

On an Xbox One, we recommend combining it with a kit called the Tactical Audio Adapter, which hooks into the Xbox One controller and works like an amplifier, adding some of the additional sound control functions that come in a separate box. Graphic equalizer style called the Tactical Audio Controller (which is expensive but adds Dolby 7.1 surround sound).

Those features include the Superhuman Audience of Turtle Beach, which improves the sound of incoming players & apos; Treads and is great for fans of first-person shooter games, and Dynamic Chat Boost, which keeps chat levels audible even when background noise increases. In addition, it allows you to adjust the game and chat volumes independently.

Add build quality similar to a tank to the equation and you'll have a headset that has become a kind of status symbol for those who take their games seriously.

  The best gaming headset

The best wireless headset for Xbox One

LucidSound is a newcomer to the world of gaming headsets, but it has certainly been a success, thanks mainly to its hearing aids LS40, which have a specification to die for, and the build quality and audio fidelity to match. It also looks very good: the LS40 is so well finished, with a lot of red stitching, that you would happily wear it in public.

Wireless headphones often suffer from lower sound quality than wired headphones, but the LS40 has no such problems, with a large and bold sound that should satisfy any player. Your wireless connection also seems insurmountable. In addition, it has DTS Headphone: X 7.1 surround sound that offers a surprisingly accurate location of incoming sounds, a great advantage if you are a heavy player.

As for comfort, it is also successful, and a USB wireless adapter makes it as easy to configure as any wireless headset (inevitably, a more complicated process than a wired headset). The battery life of 15 hours is as good as the one you will find, although the talk and general volume controls, hidden in each handset, require a little time to get used to. As with all wireless headphones, you still need to connect a cable to your Xbox One controller, but we believe that the LucidSound LS40 is the handset that pretty much has everything.

The best PlayStation 4 headset for audio quality

 The best headset for games

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is one of the best sound headphones you can buy. As such, it's worth considering if you use your PlayStation 4 to watch movies and listen to music, as well as to play games.

Clarity and audio balance are much better than most other sets here. Both the Arctic Pro Wireless and GameDAC versions will work with a PlayStation 4 console, but the Vanilla Wired version is for PC only, so be sure to choose the correct game before buying.

The GameDAC model has an external box with the best quality High resolution audio converters. However, it must be connected, so this may not be the best option if you play a few meters from your PS4. The wireless version may be a better option.

All versions have LEDs around the cups. It can be done for audio perfectionists, but it's still a headset for players.

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  The best gaming headset

The best wireless PlayStation 4 Headphones

It may not sound like much, but PlayStation Platinum Wireless It is a really solid headset with an exceptional level of audio quality.

In addition to being ridiculously easy to set up, the headphones sound great and are comfortable to use.

The sound quality is balanced, offering a decent combination of low and high frequencies, and people at the other end of the line reported that their microphone offered a decent level of audio quality.

Our only reservation refers to the "audio in 3D" of the headphones, which fell slightly compared to what the competition offers; but this is done for the very reasonable price of the headphones.

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  The best gaming headsets

The best inexpensive headsets for PlayStation 4

Being with little money does not necessarily mean having They pay for a lower gaming headset, and EarForce PX24 from Turtle Beach does a pretty decent job of embarrassing many of their more expensive rivals. Of course, it makes more extensive use of plastic than headphones that have double the price, but it still looks and feels robust enough, and its general lightness makes it quite comfortable for prolonged use.

And in the areas that really matter: the sound and configurability: the Ear Force PX24 is much better than it is entitled to be at the price. While it does not have the bass extension you'll find in a more premium headset, and its treble is a bit dry compared to other options at this price level, it still sounds remarkably good, and thanks to an amplifier that shortens the handset and The PS4 controller can boost the bass, activate the superhuman listening mode for the first person shooters and even play with a virtual surround sound effect.

Finding such functions and a very good sound is a revelation. for a headset so cheap. You could argue about the slightly sticky overall finish of EarForce PX24, but in our opinion, that's a small price to pay for an excellent headset at a decent cost.

  Best Gaming Headset

Best Guess Xbox One Headset

The old stereotype about players being geeks, style blind styles are totally out of date now that the games have fully entered the mainstream main, and LucidSound's LS20 gaming headsets are aimed directly at those with style. It looks fabulous, with an elegant design reminiscent of Beats headphones (albeit with a much better sound at a fraction of the price), and has also been designed to be used as a general moving headset: it comes with a rubber cover for the boom mic-socket.

As for the sound, it is excellent for the price, with clear and well-balanced characteristics throughout the frequency spectrum, and a bass boost in case you need it. The reason why it exceeds its weight in terms of sound quality is that it contains an own amplifier. The disadvantage is that, despite being a wired headset, you still have to charge it and, of course, given the price. ) does not come with a cargo cradle. But the battery life is 20 hours impressive, and still works (although with lower sound characteristics) when the battery runs out.

If you are an enthusiastic player without professional game aspirations, look for a hearing aid that allows you to function as an excellent iPod or phone with headphones, the LucidSound LS20 will do the trick with aplomb.

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