This leaked Harry Potter adventure game footage looks stunning

It seems that a new video game is being developed in the Harry Potter universe, judging by a massive video leak posted on YouTube by the Reddit user 'VapeThisBro'. Currently it is unknown who is developing this game, but it is safe to assume that the Warner Bros. games division will publish the company, as it maintains that license.

The game, which this user of Reddit apparently knows a lot, seems absolutely impressive in the video even though it apparently was recorded off-screen. The video clearly shows that players will create a personalized Hogwarts student and embark on adventures around the world of Harry Potter, including the Forbidden Forest, the dungeon infested dungeons and what appears to be Diagon Alley.

Promotional copy of the game, which details the configuration. Players will experience an open-world role-playing game (RPG) in 19th-century Hogwarts as a new fifth-year student at the school, along with a teacher Elezar Fig to solve a mystery.

Update: [19659005] Warner Bros. began deleting videos of the leaked material due to copyright claims. Below is the last video that we could find that has not yet been deleted.

Along the way, players will create potions and new spells (through a unique custom magic system) and discover "fantastic beasts" and also goblins. and dark wizards to fight. Players can also choose their home, as well as if they embark on a path of good or evil.

The spirit of this game, images and descriptions of this game evokes memories of a similar series of licensed games established as previous prequels: the Knights of the Old Republic collection of role-playing games set in the old Star Wars universe.

What is also evident is that this is a decidedly more mature version of the Harry Potter world. At one point in the recording, a goblin carries a sword to the chest and is clearly bleeding from the wound.

There is nothing more to follow regarding this recording, but it seems that it is quite advanced in the development. I hope there is an official announcement about the fall of this leak sooner rather than later.

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Main image credit: Warner Bros.