Opera Touch is a solid alternative to Safari on the iPhone

The browser company Opera is back doing what it does best, offering you beautifully designed alternatives for the stock browsers of Google and Apple . This week, the company brought its browser & # 39; Opera Touch & # 39; to iOS to offer iPhone owners a new alternative to the basic Safari browser.

The application was first launched for Android in April and, as we noticed at that time, reinvents many of the established paradigms to work well on mobile screens and particularly large ones that do not have a start button, which is becoming all premium devices in the market today.

Tap for iOS – which you can download here – will be especially interesting for the owners of the iPhone X or the newer Apple iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR devices (coming soon), as it is optimized for use with one hand. That is, it uses the same ingenious user interface seen in the Android application (see below), which allows you to open or close tabs, change to search, backward or forward using a menu bar located at the bottom from the screen. One thing that is missing, for now, is a more complete management of the markers.

The application also includes the technology & # 39; Flow & # 39; of Opera that allows a user to pass links, images and notes from his phone to an Opera browser on his computer using a "secure and private" connection.

As always, the Opera browser comes with built-in ad blocking and is the company's usual protection against cryptojacking: that is the process of hacking and having your CPU used to my cryptographic for another person.

In short, it's worth going around the browser if you have the new home devices without Apple buttons and looking for an alternative to the pre-loaded Safari browser. Other options could include Google Chrome, recently given a redesign for its tenth anniversary, as well as Mozilla, UC Web, Dolphin and Brave.

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