The best free iPhone apps of 2018

You have an iPhone and headed to Apple 's App Store, which has over a million apps.

Good news! Many people are free. That's not good news! You have to take a look at them to do your best. Fortunately, that is the list we have here.

Now that you have categorized your selections into convenient categories, you can go straight to the related categories, where you can go without a free photo editor, translation application, sit-down nav or other items.

You will see the next page of each category, but if you check out the free iPhone app below and designate this page as a cheeky bookmark, the latest free

weekly free iPhone apps: paper

Paper is a sketching tool that allows you to quickly write down your ideas. Your pictures are stored on a small digital notebook and can be opened and reversed. When you tap on a page, you can use your app's brush selection to graff your finger or stylus.

The free version has easy-to-use tools. It has the ability to add text notes in particular. Export notes or books. However, some features are behind the IAP every month, including importing geometry, drawing photos, copy / paste, and auto-correcting when drawing geometry and lines.

Despite these limitations, sketching is overridden on iPhone when you return to Navigation. – Paper is one of the most entertaining apps of its kind if you keep affection for the actual version of the small notepad the app depicts.

The best free iPhone video editor and animated app


Moodelizer is a trick pony, but it is pretty tricky.



Practice playback by selecting a genre and dragging your finger around the rectangular viewfinder. Move up to increase the intensity of the music, and move to the right to adjust the variation. You can rehearse using the viewfinder or using an existing video loaded from the Camera Roll.

It's fun to be confused with audio alone, but everything comes together when you make your video. When Moodelizer shoots some interesting cat clips, Moodelizer can get more excitement through club music or guitar riffs that hit your head.


Vue was an odd mixture of interesting and ridiculous early incarnations. Simply put, it is designed to get 6 seconds of fame by snapping a very short video consisting of 3 shots.

Fortunately, Vue now has room to spare. The app still prefers simplicity, but allows videos up to three minutes long and can also load existing videos on iPhone. When the miniature masterpiece is complete, you can add filters and stickers, overlay your captions, and use the zoom slider to mess around.

This app still has a hard feel compared to the clip's liking, but it's worth checking out Vue's focus and style – along with a shared network that supports it all.


Clips are video editing applications aimed at creating content for sharing on social media. To do this, we avoid the conventions (widescreen, standard titles, common editing tracks) and have a lot of fun in the process of streamlining and direct editing.

You can record directly to the app or import an existing video. In both cases, you can overlay stickers and live captions that appear when a topic appears, and apply a different shape of filter. Foster supports pacing and context in a more fun, animated, and editable way on behalf of the title.

For iPhone X users, additional animated 3D self-scenes are available. These can take you to various forms of landscapes, including neon city landscapes and ships in Star Wars. This effect fascinates the app's worth for the sundown scene.


Squigglish! It is a very silly picture application because of the fact that its brush strokes are shaky. From shiny lines that look thick, snake-like, a little faint, to pointy electrical appliances that give the impression that the artwork is just plugged into the socket.

You probably will not use Squigglish! The foundation of some high quality iPhone art. But because you can bring your photos, it's the perfect food to make yourself and your friends look vaguely ridiculous, with stupid blue hair, a pair of dented glasses, and an animated mustache that Dali killed.

Naturally, you can export a small animated masterpiece to a GIF or movie.

Motion Stills

Motion Stills helps you do more with live photos taken on your iPhone. Of course, Apple's Photos app gives you the option to adjust the way these images are animated.

When you grant permission to view photos in an app, you will see a scrolling photo feed. Search. This alone is worth downloading Motion Stills. The reason is that the application applies stabilization techniques to live photos to eliminate blurring.

However, you can quickly select multiple live photos with a few quick swipes. A small movie. You can also convert live photos into collages or add text and picture emoticons to your favorites. In other words, Motion Stills feels like a real-time photo editor.

Loop by seedlings

Imagine yourself with Mini Aardman when you are not patient when working with full-stop motion apps. Loops by seedlings are only tickets.

You can easily overlay old photos in semi-transparent form so that you can use the camera to take frames and ensure that all photos are properly aligned.

When the operation is complete, you can play the picture as an animation. You can use tools to adjust frame rates, add filters, and collapse grid collages to create and share animated GIFs like Warhol.

The interface is slightly opaque. You need to & # 39; discover & # 39; many controls before using this app.

But if you know where everything is, Loop is a smart and efficient way to create compelling compact animations. It works funny in the message, so if you think about the words you write, you can reply to your friends with a small movie.


If you love editing movies at home, but are not getting enough time or attention, try Quik. With the app, the entire process is automated, so you can create beautiful videos with just a few tabs and show off your friends without the talent. Of course, the #hashtag generation is typical.

Just select the videos and photos you need. Please select a style. Quik is a great video to share with friends and family. But if the filmmaker is more controllable, you can trim the clips, rearrange items, and add titles to adjust the style, music, format, and speed to get the desired effect.

Quik offers a small pair mini game where you can get confused while your app renders your masterpiece. And there's a weekly "For You" video that Quik compiles without having to lift your finger.


When you sit at school and scribble flick-animation masterpieces in the jotter corner, Animatic is an iPhone. equivalent. You can use simple tools to graff a small canvas and then frame your animation.

This application uses a basic onion-skin approach. In other words, you can see the previous few frames faintly. Whatever you draw, it does not feel awkward all over the place. When you're done, you can speed up your animation production and export it to a video or GIF.

Assuming you are scribbling in the same amount as using a felt-tip pen on your iPhone, here are the Pixar movies here. However, Animatic is fun, a great way to get into animation, and a useful sketching pad for people already familiar with it. This app includes demos that show what you can do with time, effort and imagination.


We are a big fan of iMovie. Video editors for iPhone are useful and powerful. At a delayed moment, we also like Replay. Replay imports many videos and edits them for you. However, there are times when we crave midway. This is where Splice fits.

Getting started is simple. Select videos and photos to import (online or camera rolls like Facebook or Google Photos), and optionally with soundtracks. If you name your project and choose a direction, the app places the clips. They can be rearranged by drag and drop and you can control the transition by moving the tab a few times.

If you want to dig deeper, you can cut, cut, and apply individual clips. It includes several filters, such as a speed setting and a means of overlaying the text.

This tool does not worry about Spielberg in the world, but it contains a special, no price tag, or no ads at all, which can transform a few arbitrary iPhone clips within minutes of Splice.

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