From Lambos in the snow to drifting Bugattis, all is fair in ‘Forza Horizon 4’

The Forza Horizon formula is now clear: it offers people an open-world racing game with accessibility, real driving dynamics, good variety and lots of fun. This iteration adds seasons and continues to press the playback value. It's a fast, fun and action-packed racing game in which fans can continue to play during the seasons.

The only open-world racing game that matters

The Forza Horizon version of racing games is inherently attractive and in many ways unrivaled Most of the driving games with open world freedom have an experience of driving so warm that any real skill is wasted. On the other hand, most of the games that reward the skill hit you on a track with strict rules and never let you waste your time. Horizon rewards good driving, silly driving and wild driving, and lets you choose the one you prefer.

With the right style of Forza, the game starts with a moment of splendid glory that puts you in the car at the front of the package. This time, it's with a turn. You are competing in the glorious McLaren Senna on a sunny day, but then the cycle runs through the season, which gives you an idea of ​​a rally car in the autumn mud, a truck overland in the winter snow, and then returns to fly dry road in the sen. It's a simple trick that sets the expectations for the game very well. It makes you want to recover Senna.

After the introduction, you are offered a selection of cars, which depends mainly on personal preferences, although the Focus RS can be a smart choice given how easy it can be adjusted. road race or rally. Speaking of which, it is easy to get lost in the acquisition of more cars, one that you should not forget to tune your existing cars. Find one that you like and spend some CR (Forzish for money) on it. It is easy to compete with a car a few times, find out where it tends to overcome its limitations and then make some quick corrections to better suit your car. Trust us, you will earn more.

Playing events is fun, customizing and collecting cars is fun, ad hoc street races with other people are fun, and simply enjoying the spectacular graphics and the exciting settings is fun.

Then he goes out to the preseason game, which is filled with robots and exists to find your balance. The goal is to get enough points to qualify for the first season, which is fall. You get points by doing virtually anything funny. Earn points for participating in road races, rally races, overland races, illegal street races and special style events Top Gear- and then earn more points for winning them. Then you can get points for jumping things, walking in general, driving stunts, tearing down posters with written points, breaking things, going fast, getting cars, adjusting cars, finding cars in barns, and much more. Everything you do in the game makes you progress, nothing stops you and everything is repeatable. There is no pressure.

That's fine, because Forza Horizon has to do with freedom. Freedom from the limitations of the game, freedom from the consequences of driving a motor vehicle badly, freedom from the laws. This is a game where you can buy a castle, put rally tires on a Bugatti Chiron, and then spin around on the ground with your crazy hypercar around your castle. You can drive an Alfa Romeo Type 33 Stradale 1968, ten million dollars, on a riverbed, and be rewarded for it. Have fun putting a huge engine, all-wheel drive and racing tires in an Abarth 695 Biposto and challenging Paganis in street racing.

So, and here's the really new part, you can go back and try the same thing in another time. . Mud, rain, snow and clear days change their focus and add new variations to the same list of events. Many races will make you want different cars according to the season. Racing in big RWD supercars like a McLaren P1 is much more difficult on an icy road than in an AWD Lambo that can recover from a Scandinavian film around a fork by scratching the ground with four tires. It is worth trying each event in each season; Some that might not have been so nice in one condition could be excellent with different weather.

You can drive a $ 10M Alfa Romeo Type 33 Stradale in 1968 on a riverbed and be rewarded for it.

The physics of the game, which have largely been lifted from the Forza Motorsport series, which is much straighter, and has softened a bit to make the game more accessible. The hardcore simulation runners will think it feels a bit like an arcade game, but casual arcade runners may think it feels like a simulator. It will not wear it down or punish it for minor mistakes like a real simulator would, but it still rewards good technique, and you need to use the brakes instead of trying to slip every turn.

The only things that were not fun was an error in which all the sounds of the game, but not the menu, were silenced. We had to delete our game files completely to fix it.

The booty boxes do not spoil the fun

The Forza franchise has offered annoying microtransactions in past versions, but they have left for Forza Horizon 4 . There are still some random rewards, but you can avoid them with real money.

Nuestra Toma

Forza Horizon 4 has always focused on fun about realism, and is successful. The events are fun, customizing and collecting cars is fun, ad hoc street races with other people are fun, and enjoying the spectacular graphics and exciting scenes is fun. It is the perfect racing game for the vast majority of players. Even for race simulators fans, it's going to be a lovely diversion for tired people who simply can not bother to concentrate and be very serious. Sometimes it is better to try to jump on a building in a 1968 VW beetle.

Forza Horizon 4 Compared to

Is there a better alternative?

There are games that simulate driving better, and there are games that are more fantastic in their approach, but nothing really extends to either side of the line.

How long will it last?

Horizon was published in 2012, Horizon 2 in 2014 and Horizon 3 in 2016, so we bet that this will be replaced by a new version in 2020. Until then, we will definitely keep it busy.

Should you buy it?

If you like driving games, you will enjoy this game. Just configure the difficulty the way you want it, and do it.