FIFA 19: 10 tips to make you a better player

FIFA 19 finally starts today, bringing fast and fun football action to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, as well as PS3 and X360.

FIFA 19 is a brilliant football simulator, and one that makes significant advances from EA's offer last year. It has many new mechanics and refinements of the previous ones, which means that you will have to reprogram your FIFA brain to return to the path of success.

With this in mind, here are 10 tips that will help you become an important player, whether you're battling online in Ultimate Team or framing yourself in the CPU in Career mode. Let's play some soccer.

1. Scheduled completion

The scheduled finish is one of FIFA's remarkable new mechanics, and will allow you to score some sublime goals. You can shoot as you would in any other FIFA game, but if you hit the shoot button again just before making contact, you will hit it with extra power and precision.

To have the right time, all you have to do is spend some time practicing in the arena. But it could be said that it is more important than how to use it when do it. It does not work well when the ball is close to your feet, or if it is bouncing quickly, because the window to play twice is very small. In these situations, do not even try a timed end, because it is likely to throw your shot. And besides, you never need a synchronized shot: the normal shot is just as good as ever.

Instead, save it for shots where you have time between when you press shoot and when your player makes contact, so you can trust reliably predict when to play twice, like when you take pictures from a distance where you have plenty of space in front of you.

2. Do not crush the shoot button near the goal

When the ball is loose in the six yard box, the natural reaction of most players is to crush the throw button and wait for one of their forwards to connect. Do not do it this year.

Due to the ending in time, hitting fire repeatedly will only make you cut the blow, and can cause some embarrassing faults in the open arc. Just press shoot once: your player will be as anxious to get to the ball as they would if he pressed 50 times. It takes some time to get used to it, but showing moderation will pay off.

FIFA 19 tips to make you a better player

3. Driven cross

If you are in the wing and you have a front only in the box, the cross low (double tap the cross button) works better. But if you want to bend the ball around a defender or shoot from an unusual angle, beyond the baseline, for example, the cross-driven is your best option.

It is remarkable how often a cross driven will choose your striker to perfection. If you have a direct line of site for your teammate, or see them peel away from a defender, then hold R1 / RB and press the cross button. The advantage over the low cross is that you can change the power, which allows you to reach your teammates who are further away.

4. Do not neglect Quick Tactics

FIFA's sophisticated tactical system, which allows you to set individual strategies for the five mentalities (from ultra-defensive to ultra-attacking) is useful for changing the course of a match. Make sure you customize each of them so that the defense helps you maintain an advantage, while going on the offensive will stack your players.

However, you should not neglect FIFA's quick tactics, which you can activate using the D-Pad. If you press up and then to the right, you will force your sides to push forward, while up and to the left will make your ends embrace the touchline. Go to Basic Controls> Tactics to see all your options. You can also press up or down in the game to see your attack and defense options, respectively.

5. Tap shooting

The shot taken by FIFA 18 was a reliable way to score: you activated your shot and pressed the shutter button just before the contact. Of course, that will not work in FIFA 19 because of the new timed finishing system, so instead, you should keep R1, L1 and shoot to lower the ball.

They are still quite reliable, but we have found that the simple fact of using a normal low-power jack, around a power bar, is a consistent way of scoring one against one. Just make sure you get to the penalty point or closer, because farther than that and the goalie will have more than enough time to do the rescue, and point to the curves.

FIFA 19 tips to make you a better player

6. Master the first touch and the movement of volley

FIFA 19 checks the first touches, and now you can move the ball in the direction you want using the right stick. Usually, if they put you in position and the ball comes directly to you, hitting with the right stick will cause the ball to come off the ground, which is good to place around a defender or, what is more useful, prepare for a volley.

I would not recommend it if a defender sticks to you, because he will usually only fight for the ball. But if you have space, move the stick towards the goal. It will appear perfectly for a volley, and you will reliably test the goalkeeper. Hold L2 / LT for an acrobatic attempt.

Alternatively, you can click on the right joystick before receiving the ball, which will still move up, but it will not go that high and the ball will remain. Near you. Use the left joystick to choose the direction in which you want to put it. It works well if a defender is right behind you, or if you have found a small space in the box.

7. In career mode, play with your youngsters

There's nothing more satisfying than finding a young jewel in career mode and watching them blossom into a superstar. There are many websites out there that will tell you the potential rating of each player in the game (just use your scouts if you think they give you an unfair advantage), but remember: a player will not. reach their potential if they rot in reserves.

Putting young players in training sessions will increase their statistics, but the best way to develop them is by giving them playing time. To get the best results, paste them into the initial 11 from time to time. And if your squad is too big to give them a reliable opportunity, send them on loan to a team that will give them play time.

19 FIFA tips to make it a better player

8. Use L2 / LT to keep the first few touches close

A smart first touch is not always the best option, especially if you have a couple of defenders nearby. To keep the ball close to you, hold L2 / LT while receiving the ball, and press the left lever away from the nearest defender. He will practically stick to his foot, and if he continues to hold L2 / LT, his player will use his body to keep the defender at bay.

9. Board the sliders

FIFA 19 is fast and furious, and it's at the arcade-end and football simulator spectrum. But if you think the possibilities are very easy to achieve, or if you just want the games to develop at a slower pace, then you can easily modify all aspects of the game, and everything is available in the main menu.

The first place to start is to lower Game Speed ​​to Slow in Game Settings, which will generally make it more difficult to create openings. To begin with, you may want to increase the average length up to 8-10 minutes, just to see how it goes.

But you can do much more with the game's sliders (in Game Settings> Customizing the user's game), which will allow you to change everything from the player's running speed to the margin of error when passing, or It will allow to decide how high and wide lines of defense should be by default.

You should probably only change them when you have a good handle on how the game is played or, alternatively, copy the settings of the ready-made sliders you can find online. The sliders Operation Operation are usually a good bet.

10. Put the names of the players on his head

This may seem simple, but it is very useful to score goals. If you use a remote camera, we recommend the television transmission with a zoom of three, players tend to look the same. You need to know which player you are controlling so you know what your dominant foot is, as well as what skill moves you can perform.

To get your name above your head, just go to Game Settings> vVual, and change the HUD options to & # 39; player's name and flag & # 39 ;.

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