Razer Nari Ultimate review: A sub on your ears

The Razer company is synonymous with gaming at the moment. They know who their audience is and they also know that good audio can really take their gaming experience to the next level, which makes some products really interesting. Today, Razer launched its new game headset called Nari Ultimate, which they say has "supreme wireless immersion." The main feature here are the specialized controllers in each headset that provide haptic feedback to vibrate along with the bass. But is it just a trick? Let's find out

The Razer Nari Ultimate is for:

  • Players. Obviously. The motto of the company is "For players, for players". So yes, these are for players. I do not know many other types of people who want a pair of headphones that vibrate along with what they are listening to, which definitely becomes annoying with regular use.
  • People who work from home. As someone who spends most of my time working at my desk from home, I thought it would be extremely useful. You can listen to music wirelessly and the built-in microphone is perfect for those weekly conference calls.

What's so special about the construction of Nari Ultimate?

The Razer logo on the side of each headset will shine subtly when you turn it on.

Next, we will discuss the connection, the battery life and the sound quality, but it is important to start with the quality of compilation. Especially in this case, because there's a lot to go through. The most prominent feature is what Razer calls Hypersense with Lofelt haptics, which provides haptic feedback to the lower end by specialized controllers in each hearing aid. It reminds me of a haptic clock I tried at CES a year or two ago from a company called Lofelt. It hit along with the bass of whatever you were listening to and, of course, the haptic comments here were made by the same company. As you may have guessed, it is supposed to add depth to the game you are playing and it allows you to feel on another level what is happening in the game for a total immersion.

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