Microsoft will end support for Skype Classic in November

This summer, Microsoft pushed the inevitable end of Skype Classic (7.0) support after a bit of user reaction. Almost a month after the original September deadline, the company announced today that it will suspend service in November, this time for real.

The company is eliminating the support of Skype 7 on the desktop on November 1, following the demand for mobile devices and tablets two weeks later on the 15th. The initial delay was motivated by vocal users unhappy with the changes introduced by Skype 8 in the name of simplification.

A user came to the point of launching a petition requesting Microsoft to "Maintain." the desktop version of Skype is alive for professional users. "Since then, the petition has accumulated more than 1,000 signatures, requiring the company to keep the business characteristics lost in the confusion."

Microsoft, for its part, says it is listening and responding to the protest about the abandoned characteristics. 19659002] "We continue to work on your most requested features," the company writes in an update to the original announcement. "We recently launched call recording and have begun to implement the ability to search within a conversation. Soon you can add phone numbers to existing contacts, have more control over your availability status and more. "

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