Jump Force: release date, trailers and news

Update: Bandai Namco has announced a closed beta version for Jump Force. You can register on their website until October 7, with the beta sessions starting the following week, from October 12 to 14. For the trailers of the game, the revealed characters and everything else, read on in the next article.

The fighting game inspired by the Bandai Namco manga, Jump Force, caused a stir when it was presented at E3 2018. But what is Jump? Force, who is really on the list and when will it be launched?

In short, Jump Force is a PvP fighting game with manga and anime characters, in which players form a trio of fighters to fight their differences with bombastic punches, defying gravity and energy beams.

The game is part of a series of celebrations by the legendary manga publisher Shonen Jump, which turned 50 this year.

Few things are more satisfying than letting your favorite characters get over it, and Shonen Jump has plenty of them: in the last few decades it has brought us Dragon Ball, One Piece, Death Note and Hunter X Hunter, to name a few.

The Bandai Namco game publisher (Tekken 7, Soul Cal ibur VI) was behind a similar effort in 2012 called J-Stars Victory VS, which also saw a list of characters from Shonen Jump fighting in a 3D arena.

Having played an early version of the next game, it seems that Jump Force should offer even bigger battles, better graphics and more focused gameplay than its predecessor.

Cut to the hunt

  • What is it? A cross fighting game with characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto and others from the manga Shonen Jump
  • What can I play? Come to PC, Xbox One and PS4, although we do not rule out a switch port on the line
  • When can I play? Sometime in 2019

Release date of Jump Force

Jump Force should jump to stores sometime in 2019, although the month would be nobody's.

The other manga-inspired fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ from Bandai Namco, was launched in January after its own E3, so it's & nbsp; it is not unlikely that Jump Force will work in a similar window. But with the game still in development and only a handful of playable characters confirmed, we're probably a while away from listening.

Jump Force trailers

"These worlds must never have met …"

Explosive, flashy and heavy in gravity, the Jump Force E3 trailer immediately caught our attention. Take a look below to see for the first time the bombastic combat of the game, the super moves and the eclectic list of characters.

There is also an extended version & apos; supercut & apos; trailer showing an endless chain of fighting movements from the confirmed list, which gives a clear impression of the chaotic gameplay that is offered.

News and rumors of the Jump Force

We have not seen anything yet

As the world's largest manga publisher, Shonen Jump has an extensive catalog to draw, dating back to decades

Bandai Namco remains tight-lipped on the list, although the inclusion of Ichigo, Rukia and Aizen – from the popular paranormal manga Bleach – has now been confirmed.

They are joining the initial mash-up of the superhero Saiyan Goku and the galactic villain Frieza of Dragon Ball, the teenage ninja of the same name of Naruto and his teammate Sasuke, as well as the Luffy with his rubber tips and the Zoro armed with the sword of One Piece.

Considering that the previous manga fight game from developer Spike Chunsoft, J-Stars Victory Vs, had 52 characters on its list, we're pretty sure there are many known (and lesser-known) names to come. But bringing more recent entries like My Hero Academy, or even Black Clover from 2015, could help Jump Force stand out from previous games and attract a wider audience.

Death Note is there, kind of

The light of death Light Yagami and the god of death Ryuk also appeared in the tail of the trailer, although we felt a Little disconsolate when Bandai Namco confirmed that they could not be reproduced ("They are more involved with the story").

We hope that the iconic pair is the brain of any event that has brought together all these characters. But since Light's Death Note is capable of killing anyone under command, we see how it might not have adapted to a traditional moveset in the arena.

You will fight in places of the real world

As if to tamp innumerable universes of the whole manga Shonen Jump was not enough, it seems that ours is also appearing.

All the fighting stages exhibited so far are based on real-world locations. So far we have seen Times Square in New York, the Matterhorn in the Alps and a stadium in Hong Kong. Could we see a devastated city in Tokyo, or Goku and Frieza crouching in the shadow of Big Ben?

  Jump Force Bandai Namco 2019

Jump Force has a wider appeal

It's & nbsp; It is clear that Jump Force wants to be a game more accessible, and better known, than some of its predecessors.

Bandai Namco was careful to show more familiar faces for his first breakthrough, and sharp-eyed fans will have noticed that Bleach & apos; Ichigo and Rukia are designed according to the adaptation of the globally popular anime of Bleach, instead of the original Japanese manga.

The game also runs on the widely used Unreal Engine 4, and is explicitly optimized for improved performance on Xbox One. X and PS4 Pro. Considering that Dragon Ball FighterZ of Bandai Namco also came to Nintendo Switch a few months After its initial release, we hope we can see a similar calendar here.

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