Destiny 3 release date rumours and news: Will these two mysterious weapons end up in Destiny 3?

Year 2 of Destiny 2 has officially begun with its latest expansion, Forsaken. Add features like a new story centered on The Reef and a team of Fallen Barons you must hunt, a new fate in The Tangled Shore and Gambit, a new game mode that fuses PvE and PvP.

Does this expansion give us clues about what to expect from the next title in the series Destiny? The short answer is: not really.

On the other hand, Destiny 2 previous expansion, Warmind, could have given us a hint of what we might expect to see in Destiny 3.

When you're in the campaign expansion Warmind you can explore Mars and go to Aurora Reach. If you access the terminal of the computer located there, you will notice that all the weapons in the list (next to two) are not familiar to us. Consider Hades Flame and Aurora Knives? Yes, we have no idea what they are and if they even reach Destiny 2 at a later date. None of them are in the campaign Warmind so maybe they will come to Destiny 3?

Whatever the two of us, we'll have to wait and see what game Bungie decides to keep the mysterious weapons, but considering that he has already hinted that he has already begun to trace Destiny 3, the studio can have put the two weapons as Easter eggs for the future game.

In any case, you can read on to discover everything else we know about Destiny 3 below.

Destiny 3: Everything we know so far

Destiny 3 may seem a long way off – after all, Destiny 2 just had its third DLC, but with projects of this size, the rumors begin to fly more fast than you might think. A third installment is inevitable, especially since Bungie has already declared that he considers Destiny to be a ten-year project, but the question of how soon Bungie will bring Destiny 3 to the market still remains.

Honestly, I do not. I think we will see Destiny 3 for a long time, which, in my opinion, is a very good thing. While Destiny 2 was praised by critics at the launch, over time the cracks have begun to show and fans have realized how janky many of their PVP elements are. Since the protests began, it became known that Destiny 2 shared a destiny similar to Destiny, with a hasty development that caused many of the problems.

To update it, this is what has been happening with Destiny 2 so far, and how it could affect the handling of Bungie from Destiny 3 onwards.

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Destination 3: Everything you need to know

Destiny 3: What about Destiny 2?

Shortly after the release of Destiny 2, fans discovered that Bungie had been strangling XP. After addressing fan concerns in a series of blog posts, Bungie promised to fix the game and deliver a lot of additional content to make up for the error.

Problem solved, or at least you think so. As a result, extra content plans have also failed. After launching the first expansion of Destiny 2 "Curse of Osiris", a weapon appeared in the game known as Prometheus Lens. Unfortunately, he was terribly dominated, plowing anyone who got in his way. Bungie addressed the problem by saying that the appearance of the weapon was a mistake and eliminated it from the game. However, Destiny's exotic arms salesman, Xur, had started to sell it and was still available to those who wanted to capitalize on the exploit.

And these errors are just the tip of the iceberg of the problems that affect the PVP of Destiny 2 every day. It is likely that most of these problems have arisen due to the incredibly tight response: director Luke Smith took control after the previous director left only 16 months before the game's release.

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Release date of Destiny 3: When did it come out?

taking all these aspects into account, it is not entirely clear when Destiny 3 will arrive.

The confusion during the development of Destiny 2 made it appear that Bungie did not have a clear roadmap for the project. Plans to continue with player characters and weapons were thrown out the window in favor of simply carrying the characters' cosmetics, and the plans seemed to change frequently during development. That's why I think it's safe to dismiss the comments of Nolan North, who expresses Ghost in Destiny, about how Bungie had already planned the Destiny 3 story.

It's also worth remembering that Destiny had two years of expansions after its release, leaving almost three years between Destiny and Destiny 2. With that in mind, in addition to all the problems of Destiny 2, it's hard to imagine that Destiny 3 will land before 2020 or 2021.

Destiny 3 story: What is it? about?

Despite all his problems, Destiny 2 was loved by both fans and critics: his main story and his campaign were fantastic. Unlike the original Destiny, Bungie really threaded an interesting story about The Traveler's fate and the Guardians swore to protect her.

It is very likely that Bungie will continue this story through its expansion packs and extra DLC, which means that Destiny 3 is more than likely another worldwide reboot as Destiny 2 went to Destiny. However, just because the story starts a new chapter, Bungie is unlikely to move away from a main game based on the narrative.

Platforms of Destiny 3: Will Bungie finally bring Destiny to Switch?

Destiny 3 is likely to arrive for PC, Xbox One and PS4, just like Destiny 2. However, there is a small chance that Bungie and Activision will also see the Switch, thanks to its phenomenal growth in its first year. Once Nintendo brings its online platform to Switch, maybe Bungie is tempted to bring his shared world online shooter to the latest Nintendo console as well.

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