Data and tech investment critical to UK businesses

UK companies are heavily reliant on data, and Dell Boomi's new study shows that 81% can stop business within five years without any additional investment in technology.

The company conducted a survey of 250 large IT decision makers. UK companies can better understand the level of connectivity as well as the degree to which data and organizational silos exist throughout the organization. The purpose of this study is to understand how businesses can truly become connected businesses and help them succeed in a digital transition journey.

UK organizations are concerned about 33% of their cloud solutions to implement hybrid cloud solutions, 41% to address cybersecurity issues, and 33% to experience 33% of their budgets with digital convergence as their top priority. IT leaders are well aware that business does not last without ongoing investment in IT.

Failover of legacy software

Legacy software, one of the largest organizations surveyed, accounted for more than half (57%).

Derek Thompson, vice president of EMEA at Dell Boomi, explains in detail how companies are struggling to handle existing software.

"Most large organizations are living in a hybrid IT environment when moving applications, and migrate to the cloud to preserve the legacy of on-premises applications." In this situation, ensuring connectivity and single- It is very important for three quarters of the company, but only a quarter (26%) is found to be "very connected."

Connected to IT Infrastructure

Connectivity issues In a Dell Boomi study, 37 percent of participants were addressed to address the potential of connectivity as part of their current IT infrastructure. In addition, 34 percent of enterprises want to increase application-to-application integration, and nearly a quarter (24 percent) are facing data silos.

When asked about changes to the current IT infrastructure, the most important consideration for IT leaders was to gain complete transparency of data (38%) and communication between applications and data (38%). Nearly half (41%) of the participants cited cyber security as their top concern.

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