How to hard reset your Xbox One

It may be our "console to beat" in 2018, but even the powerful Xbox One may have problems at times. Whether it's a login problem, a crash in the game or one of the many confusing error messages, a full reset can often resolve these setbacks and others without having to send your console to fix it.

Usually, problems with your The console can be solved simply by turning it off and back on, so that's the first thing you should try. However, if doing so does not help and lacks ideas, as a last resort, a full recovery could be the way to go. Here is our guide on how to do exactly that.

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How to completely reset your Xbox One

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to display & # 39; Menu & # 39; Guide.

  • Scroll to the right to the & # 39; tab System & # 39; and open & # 39; Configuration & # 39;

  • Go to & # 39; System & # 39 ;, then & # 39; Console information & # 39; and select & # 39; Reset console & # 39;

  • Choose & # 39; Reset and delete everything & # 39; or & # 39; Restore and preserve my games and applications & # 39;

Keep in mind that, although you can keep your games and applications, performing a full reset on your Xbox One will mean that your accounts, settings and save the game data are removed in the process.

If you can not perform the factory reset procedure because you do not have an image or can not access the configuration menu, there is another way to restore the factory settings: using a file loaded on a USB drive.

It's a longer process, completely delineated on the official Xbox website here. In basic terms, it involves downloading a file from that page onto a USB drive, inserting the drive into your Xbox One, and then pressing numerous buttons to perform the reset.

In case none of these hard reset solutions fix your problem Xbox One issues, you'll have to look for more advice from Microsoft in the form of a service or repair.

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