BlizzCon virtual ticket will let you play World of Warcraft Classic demo on your PC

Blizzard is one of the main benefits of buying virtual tickets at BlizzCon 2018, so you can enjoy a demo of World of Warcraft Classic at home.

Yes, people with virtual tickets get access to the same demo available in the showroom, except that they can experience it in their spare time on their PC rather than in a busy BlizzCon environment. One Horde and one Alliance, and two initial-stage zones described by Blizzard as a "limited exploration experience".

That is a great privilege and not the only benefit for a virtual participant of the event. You can also watch live streaming on all stages and panels, and you'll get multiple wallpapers of Blizzard video.

The latter includes the World of Warcraft – war capes, flags, heroes of the storm, Diablo III, Haas Stone, and the beats and sculptures of StarCraft II.

A virtual ticket is £ 34.99 (about $ 45, $ 65), and there is one ticket per account.


The BlizzCon Opening Ceremony will begin on November 2 at 1 pm (PDT 1 pm) and shortly after, the virtual ticket holder can download: Wow classic demo. This demo will continue to play during the next week until November 8th, so those who actually attend BlizzCon will still be able to enjoy the game at a post-event.

If you do not buy a virtual ticket,

WoW Classic will probably not be realized for a long time. (Very likely not many years old) – Blizzard "is a bigger effort than you can imagine". If you still want to, you will soon get things that you can expect.

It is a broad idea to return the MMO back to 2006 before the first major expansion of the game landed (Flaming Crusade), fully update the engine with the latest games (including full customer support and anti-cheat systems).

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