This PC boots to Windows 10 nearly five times as fast as an iPhone

The era of smartphones can be argued to be largely responsible for driving PCs, especially notebook manufacturers, to use devices faster. Now friends of Tom's Hardware have used this concept as their limit and have created a computer that boots to Windows 10 in 4.9 seconds.

It is almost five times faster than using the iPhone XS for recording. An office that reaches the home screen from a cold boot (press the power button when the system is completely off).

There are two blindly different devices, but if the boot time of a smartphone is now PC makers (such as Qualcomm and its partners), Tom hardware has significantly modified the bar.

Booting PCs faster than the iPhone

The Tom's Hardware team has detailed the path to this lightning-fast PC in a comprehensive article, but its strategy is largely made up of three components. (SSD), in use motherboard and processor overclocking

The first SSD used was Intel Optane 905p (960GB). Tom's hardware is the fastest SSD I've ever talked about. This result has been tested to prove it. This drive is a drive using the NVMe storage format.

Next, the motherboard has shown a tremendous impact on boot time through the work of Tom 's Hardware. In addition to using the ASRock Z370M Pro4 motherboard with Microsoft's Fast Boot capability, the team can also tune the motherboard to run the OS

Lastly, Tom & # 39; s Hardware introduced a 3.7GHz Intel Core i7-8700K processor at 5.1GHz, exceeding the default clock speed.

So we will definitely not see the laptop, but we can leave it to Tom's hardware to have a PC or even a smartphone that boots on a regular basis in less than 5 seconds

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