The impact of blockchain

The Blank Chain is revolutionizing the world we know today. Originally designed to facilitate the transfer of Crypto calls, it is no longer connected to fintech. Almost every industry is benefiting from technology, from the public sector to the medical and travel industries.

September has been proven by fintech as the World Blockchain Forum and Blockchain Live held in London two weeks ago at the end of this month. UK as well as worldwide. While the influence of technology has become an increasingly hot topic in the international press, we have seen more and more block chained meetings and forums to be held.

Investoo Group one of the world's largest financial leaders, decided to share insight into five ways block-chain technology affects society.

1. A multinational firm that employs block chains

A strong multinational, such as EY and IBM, adopts a digital pay-for-pay network to ensure that the block chain is not going anywhere in the near future. Leading companies are no longer able to ignore the important benefits any longer within the financial sector. Some companies are still experimenting with this technology through program testing, but some companies have proudly integrated into systems such as JPMorgan and Microsoft .

2. Growth of global acceptance

We have seen more skeptical countries including China and Iran start more openly on this technology. Although China has announced advance reservations for decryption, the People's Bank of China has now adopted the test phase of the trade finance block-chain platform. Iran earlier this month allowed password mining as an enterprise.

3. Influence on the United Nations' Sustainable Goals

The United Nations is helping to lead the United Nations to achieve sustainable development goals by 1920 . The influential UN program is experiencing a very beneficial development in technology, including components of the World Food Program. 100,000 Syrian refugees in Pakistan and Jordan According to Forbes Technology Council as of January 2018, this program has been successfully helped.

4. Healthcare Innovation

Blockchain offers significant benefits to the healthcare sector actively integrated into the data record system. These advances have allowed higher levels of health care to be developed in this area. This technology provides important improvement and development ranging from strengthening the ability to collect and analyze medical information and safeguarding personal records.

5. Impact on travel industry

Blockchain has successfully entered the world travel industry. Many airlines and hotel companies, including Lufthansa and citizenM hotels, have introduced technology while dealing with customer transactions. The block chain not only makes it easier to track your baggage, but it also speeds up your identification service, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

Based on the above, we expect that the global influence of technology will continue to grow and expand as innovation becomes a prime figure in the problem-solving process in all industries.

David Merry, CEO of Investoy Group

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