First Look At Joaquin Phoenix In Standalone Joker Movie

The film Standalone Joker is one of the most anticipated superhero movies at the moment, and director Todd Philips has just added a little fuel to the fire. He shared the first photo of Joaquin Phoenix as the popular super villain, before the madness began.

This advance can be a disappointment for some fans because only Joaquin Phoenix is ​​Joaquin Phoenix, but there is much more than that. It shows the Joker before experiencing its transformation into the white skin, green hair and ruby ​​lips of the famous Batman nemesis.

This photo shows that Philips and Phoenix will take a different approach to this character and explore their human side. The subtitles in this photo simply read "Arthur," confirming the true name of the Clown Prince of Crime. His green jacket is the only meaningful nod to the color palette characteristic of Joker, and a monster signal lurking within.

Joker's upcoming independent film was described as a warning story of a man ignored by society. It is expected to hit theaters on October 4, 2019. Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, Marc Maron and Zazie Beetz will also star.

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