7 best PS Vita games: the top titles to grace Sony’s handheld

Oh, PS Vita. A worthy successor to the popular PSP handheld, but never found a player base that matches its potential. And now, with the Nintendo Switch and DS family dominating the portable device market, and Sony quietly shutting down the production of the PS Vita console in 2019, time is running out to get the Vita games solution.

Even when the end seems to be close to Sony's handheld console, in the last six years of its lifespan, many valuable titles have come to the platform, not to mention the remote playback feature that allows it to transmit titles of its own. PS4 through your local WiFi.

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So for anyone who wants to pay tribute to PS Vita in his last days or stock up his library before production closes completely, we've reviewed the 7 best games to grace the console.

Severed | available on Playstation Store

A superbly designed tracking dungeon that uses touch controls to break through psychedelic enemies. Originally an exclusive Vita, it successfully moved to iOS and Switch, but the developer's studies DrinkBox just released a sumptuous physical collector's edition for the PS Vita version to celebrate its illustrious history on the console.

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Gravity Rush [19659002] This exciting and eccentric action game allows you to manipulate gravity to navigate obstacles and shoot down enemies. The plot is incomprehensible, but the hurry to walk on the walls or fly through the air more than makes up for it. The sequel to last year remained on the PS4, but it is worth visiting the original Vita experience.

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Guacamelee! | available on Playstation Store

Guacamelee! it seems a harmless diversion at face value, but beneath its silly exterior there is a brutal 2D gaming platform built for hardcore. Your wrestling hero has a wide range of attack maneuvers, from suplexes to pistols to the top, which he will never tire of doing. He can also, for example, transform into a chicken.

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A platform adventure exquisitely presented by the Media Molecule team, and a reminder of how talented the LittleBigPlanet team is. Tearaway uses all facets of PS Vita functionality in a way that does not feel baked, but the most important thing is that it is a 3D adventure with very high standards.

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Person 4: Golden

This port of Person 4 of the PS2 received credit for a big boost in sales of the Vita, and it's not hard to see why. Person 4 took the series to a mystery of murder in the rural area of ​​Japan, preserving all the paranormal adventure and the peculiar costumes of the high school that we expected from the emblematic Japanese RPG.

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Hotline Miami

Cock mask, turn off the answering machine and point to the Russian mafia under the neon lights of Miami in the 80s … This ultraviolet shooting game mixes fast action with an aesthetic retro and a wonderfully surrealistic humor, all of which made Hotline Miami an essential cult debut.

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Metal Gear Solid HD

A fantastic package that can easily stretch beyond 50 hours. The stars of the show are Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, iconic games of yesteryear that now shine in a wonderful HD, but as a bonus you also get the original Metal Gear (1987) and Metal Gear 2 (1990). Why throw a lot of angry birds or point candy on the train when you can take part in a high-performance espionage action?

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