What is AI? Everything you need to know

Scientific fiction, artificial intelligence, or AI are getting farther apart.

Artificial intelligence tools that combine state-of-the-art software with top-notch hardware include: It is used to transform many parts of everyday life from health care to transportation issues.

But what is AI and how is it used? Here are some guidelines for everything you need to know and some of today's most innovative and exciting use cases.

What is artificial intelligence?

For years I thought that computers are not as powerful as humans. However, as development accelerated in modern times, this proved to be untrue.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to what computing hardware can essentially think of itself, and it is based on the data it provides. . Artificial intelligence systems are extremely complex, powerful, and can process in-depth information in a very short period of time, resulting in effective conclusions.

Artificial intelligence systems are now able to perform tremendous computing tasks thanks to detailed algorithms. Much faster and more efficient than human minds has made great strides in research and development around the world.

Some of AI's most notable real-world applications are IBM's Watson, which uses Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning and TensorFlow in a vast variety of fields to create headlines around the world.

AI-powered smart aids, however, are becoming commonplace on mobile devices for everyone, including Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. We need many people's lives.

There seems to be no limit to the application of artificial intelligence technology. And perhaps the most interesting part of the ecosystem is

AI Latest News and Release

18/09 – Health care is the leading cause of AI investment

18/09 – Launch AI experiments to improve customer service

A step-by-step guide to getting started with AI and Machine Learning.

09/08 – Intel reveals that major artificial intelligence chip push

artificial intelligence hardware went over $ 1 billion last year.

08/08 – AI drones

A new way to prevent bird strikes …

08/08 – Samsung has been working on 5G and AI

We invest billions. Samsung's £ 17bn investment program will help slow the growth of smartphones.

02/08 – Why AI is the best tool for building the following website [1945900


31/07 –

The KPMG report highlights key opportunities for AI, machine learning and RPA.

25/07 – Google imports AI to call center

19/07 – Elon Musk and his fellow technology giants pledge to make good use of AI.

Hundreds of companies join.

17/07 – Artificial intelligence may not be a job killer in the UK

Artificial intelligence has as many jobs as it claims to be destroyed

Huawei is preparing to make major preparations for AI hardware

The mysterious "Da Vinci" project can mean ultra-smart networking equipment and AI chips.

14/07 – Wimbledon 2018: How IBM Watson Provides the Best Viewers Experience

See how the world's best tennis tournaments get a smart viewing experience with IBM Watson .

12/07 – Is there no more noise?

Noisy photographs could someday be bad memories …

05/07 – Britain and France sign major AI conventions

04 / 07 – Facebook buys UK AI company to better understand human AI

Facebook acquired Bloomsbury AI, a UK company specializing in natural language processing. The Bloomsbury team joins Facebook's London office to add technology to the growing artificial intelligence sector of social networks.

Two-thirds of British workers want more jobs

Study of 1,200 British workers Many people believe that machines should not replace people in boring meetings, but welcome.

22/06 – Microsoft offers AI facelift to Marks & Spencer

After Marks and Spencer announced a new feature, one of the oldest stores in the UK was set up for technical reorganization Has been. Partnership with Microsoft The computing giant will be working with M & S to transform AI's technology into its store and customer experience, transforming its 134-year-old organization into a "digital first" retailer.

19/06 – Facebook artificial intelligence can take your flashing self and open your eyes digitally.

Facebook researchers have taught you to use AI 's machine learning techniques, called the Genetic Deficit Network, to watch you blink. Use "in-painting" when replacing the eyelids to open your eyes …

19/06 – Hisense's artificial intelligence TV will make you an armchair World Cup expert 19659002] At the biggest technology show in CES Asia and China, Hisense has shown its vision as an AI-powered TV, a virtual soccer professional who helps non-fans to wrap up the finer details of every tournament.

15/06 – Gmail switched to AI to make smarter e-mail.

As part of the recent Gmail redesign, we are now releasing a new feature dedicated to iOS that will only send push notifications when the Gmail app receives "important" emails.

15/06 – Windows 10 key updates are getting faster with artificial intelligence

Microsoft says using artificial intelligence has led to the speed and efficiency of the latest April release

11/06 – London was welcomed as an artificial intelligence capital in Europe

London was named European artificial intelligence capital in a new report highlighting British status.

08/06 – Google has created its own AI rulesbook. I promise that all terminators will not come out.

Google may be quiet. That Do not Be Evil dropped the tag line but we still do not plan to shut down the worl. The camp is about AI. To prove it, a comprehensive list of guidelines to adhere to everything you do with AI has been released.

07/06 – MIT has decided to intentionally change AI from Al Psycho in Dark Aletred Hitchcock to a psychotic called Norman, a reference to the villain .

07/05 – Microsoft wants to give disabled people access to disabled people through AI for accessibility.

To help people with disabilities, artificial intelligence software makers for accessibility announced a new $ 25 million five-year program designed to empower a billion people worldwide with artificial intelligence. To that end, Microsoft will invest money and resources to help developers accelerate the development of access and intelligent AI solutions …

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