Mumford & Sons beware! An AI can now write indie music

A fascinating project called Amadeus Code promises to surpass Tay Tay Tay Tay and Out Bon Bon Iver. The system based on artificial intelligence uses data from previous musical hits to create entirely new compositions on the fly, and damn if these crazy songs of robots are not very good.

The application, which is available in the iTunes Store but does not work It seems to work properly, create sketches of songs in minutes, allowing you to create beautiful lyrics and a little accordion accompaniment.

The video above is a MIDI version of a song produced by AI and the following video shows the song produced in its entirety using non-AI human musicians. The results, although a little strange, are very impressive.

Jun Inoue, Gyo Kitagawa and Taishi Fukuyama created Amadeus Code and all have experience in music and music production. Inoue is a renowned Japanese music producer and has sold 10 million singles. Fukuyama worked on Echo Next and released the first Music Hack Day in Tokyo. Fukuyama is the director of the Hit Song Research Lab and attended the Berklee College of Music.

"We have analyzed decades of contemporary songs and classical music, songs of economic and / or social impact, and we have created a patented composition technology that is specialized to create melodies of first line songs. gives users direct access to the songs that drive the composition of AI songs for Amadeus Code, "Inoue said. "We specialize exclusively in creating first-rate melodies for songs that can be a source of high-quality inspiration for music professionals, and we have plans that can be superimposed on other music AI companies on the market today in terms of to offer fans a service to quickly create completed audio tracks. "

When asked if AI would ever replace his favorite musicians, people like Michael and Janet Jackson or George Gershwin, Inoue laughed.

"Absolutely not, this AI will not tell you about your struggles and will illuminate your inner worlds through the telling of human stories, which is what makes the music so intimate and compelling." Like the sampler , the drum machine, the multitrack recorder and many other creative technologies have done so in the past, we consider that AI is a creative tool for artists to overcome the limits of popular music, when these AI tools eventually find their place in the right creative hands, will have the potential to create a whole new economy of opportunities, "he said.

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