HQ Trivia nabs Target to sponsor game with biggest ever single winner prize of $100K

HQ Trivia aims to attract more players after a slight decline in downloads with a new and great prize. The company announced today that it has donated Target to sponsor to sponsor a special game with the Emmy theme with the single largest prize winner of $ 100,000. The game will air on Monday, September 17 at 9 PM ET, but will be played in a different way than usual.

Normally, HQ Trivia players compete to win or split a prize in cash, which often does not equate to much more than enough for a cup of coffee. But this time, HQ Trivia will run in a "winner takes all" format, which means that only an individual will win the game's winnings.

Instead of a normal round of 12 questions with 10 seconds to answer, the game will continue until only one winner remains. Players can still use their extra lives, but only up to question number 15. After that, they will not work.

The content of the game will be the theme of the Emmy Awards, with questions about programs, actors, the Emmy broadcast and other historical events.

Target is increasing as the game sponsor for this milestone game in which the winner takes everything. The game will also have a brand, but the exact nature of creativity is something that Target keeps hidden for the time being, as it is the first for the retailer.

HQ Trivia has worked with several other well-known brands in the past through its game, including Warner Bros., Nike, MillerCoors, National Geographic, Chase, Viacom and NBCUniversal.

The news of the milestone game comes at a time when HQ Trivia downloads have had a slightly downward trend. As Josh Constine of TechCrunch reported last month for the Apple TV launch of the app, the iOS version of HQ Trivia had gone from being the No. 1 US trivia game to No. 10, and the No. 44 to No. 196.

Today, it is game No. 135 and general application No. 467.

According to Sensor Tower data, the application has 12.8 million downloads on platforms, most of which (11M) were this year.

HQ Trivia claims that the application continues to have the "largest live audience on the mobile phone every day".

The company responded at the time the games are a "successful business" and "they do not" grow exponentially forever. "Rus Yusupov, CEO of HQ Trivia , the parent company Intermedia Labs, also noted that HQ was working on new game formats as a result.

Despite the fickle nature of mobile gamers, HQ Trivia has spawned a number of clones and other live games, including Fox & # 39; s FN Genius, ProveIt, FameGame, Gravy, MajorityRules, Ca sh Show, and many others.Even Facebook joined the trend, launching its own video game platform to support interactive video.

Sin However, it remains to be seen whether the live game is a lasting interest for mobile players, or simply a flash in the pan. [19659014]

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