Snapchat enlists 20 partners to curate Our Stories from submissions

The thematic collections of user-generated content chosen by news editors to see them on and off Snapchat are the next great hope of relevance for the social network for teenagers. Today Snap launches Curated Our Stories with the help of 20 partners such as CNN, Cosmopolitan, Lad Bible and NowThis. Instead of reviewing and selecting shipments to Our Story by itself around events, holidays and fashions, these editors can create Snaps slide shows on whatever they want. The two will appear on Snapchat Discover that sees 75 million Our Stories viewers per month, but also on publisher properties thanks to Snap additions that have been underused since its launch in January.

To attract partners, Snap has created in the monetization from the first day, divide the income with the publishers of the ads that are published in the stories that heal. This contrasts with Snap's work with independent creators, where he will not yet divide the income directly with them, although at least he finally connects them with the sponsors of the brand.

Snap Historian everywhere Rahul Chopra tells me that in exchange for his cut, Snap provides a content management system that editors can use to search through submitted Snaps using a variety of filters like words key in the subtitles and locations. A human being in Snap will also moderate Curated Our Stories to ensure there are no problems.

The new revenue stream could help Snap offset the number of users in decline by squeezing more money from each user by exposing them to more content and ads, or get new users through Curated Our Stories embedded in the apps and sites of its partners. Snap exceeded revenue expectations last quarter, but still lost $ 353 million, which contributed to a decline in the price of shares that reached a historic low yesterday.

Snap created Our Stories in 2014 to allow people to get the perspectives of tons of different attendees music festivals and sporting parties. Over time it expanded to create Our Stories specific to the university and other activities easier to relate, such as enjoying Fridays. Snapchat also allows users to search your publicly submitted content, but it seems to have discovered that people are too vague or lacking in imagination to do so, or that the incorrect content is not good enough to be worth watching.

The full list of publisher partners is: Brut, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Daquan, Dodo, Harper & # 39; s Bazaar, iHeart, Infatuation, ] Jukin, Lad Bible, Love Stories TV, Mic, NBC News, NBC Sports, NBC, Today Show, New York Post, NowThis, Overtime, Refinery 29, Telemundo, T Tab, Viacom, Wave.TV and Whalar. They take the tactic of traditional publishers to online news sources, and include Snapchat's Yellow Stories TV booster portfolio company, as well as CNN's return to Discover after canceling its daily newscast.

The possibilities of healing are endless. Partners could create reels of reactions to the main news or shots of people with their eyes on the ground at the scene of the action. They could highlight how people use a certain product, experience a particular place or use a certain Snapchat creative function. Publishers can produce daily or weekly collections on a topic or try a wide range of exceptional situations to surprise their readers. You might think it looks a bit like YouTube playlists, but improvised from short presentations in real time that may be too short to have an impact on their own.

This is the beginning of Snapchat's crowdsourcing, not just content but the curatorship to get the best citizen journalism, comedy and beauty filmed in its application and turn it into easily consumable compendiums. Since Snapchat lost three million users last quarter, it could use the help to keep viewers coming back. But like almost everything that launches, if Curated Our Stories explodes, you can bet that Facebook and Instagram will turn on their copying machines.

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