Our MacBook Air 2018 wishlist: everything we want from Apple

Apple is likely to unveil a probe on the MacBook Air laptop in a keynote addressing the iPhone XS release on September 12th. The long-awaited MacBook Air 2018 has long been exaggerated by miserable updates.

In many of these rumors, we expect this update to fully reflect the MacBook Air brand in the modern era. But I've heard that some of these websites are cheap for laptops.

How can Apple make a significant balance? Especially the ability of a laptop computer was obviously difficult. – Are your tablets stronger than ever before? Who knows, but what we know is the most exciting thing on the MacBook Air 2018, and we made it three wishes.

Amber Lake Intel Core processors

This processor has just been announced, but it is already known that it will affect the launch of the MacBook Air 2018, which was announced on September 12th. But it can be the key to Apple's ultra-thin notebook revival. 19659002] Intel's latest 8th Generation AMBER RAKE PROCESS is a follow-up to last year's Intel Core Y Series chips, designed for ultra-thin laptops and tablets, without fans in the design. This year, Intel claimed that notebook designs are thinner than 7mm and lightweight less than 0.45kg (one pound) when using its chips.

Apple's thinnest notebook, the MacBook, is now the thinnest 13.21mm and weighs 0.92kg. With the availability of Intel's latest processors, Apple is once again able to develop a laptop named "Air."

MacBook Air

A clear picture (not too sharp)

It has recently been rumored that one of Apple's Retina displays will be a fantastic upgrade for laptops. The 1,440 x 900 display was one of the biggest complaints about the MacBook Air.

Although the Amber Rake processor is willing to take a retina display that can be handled with certainty, Apple needs to pump the brake. Stops on a simple 1080p display. This alone will be a significant improvement over previous models and will help preserve valuable battery life. More importantly, a full HD display alone can keep Apple at a reasonable price.

The goal of this laptop is when we hear, the 1,920 x 1,080 (1080p) display is what we need the most. Choose your options for this new MacBook Air.

MacBook Air

Affordable Price

Some reports said that Apple is aiming for a more affordable price for this laptop, but it helps keep the original product spirit. MacBook Air is traditionally Apple's cheapest laptop, but why is this trend now hidden?

However, the opinions of the price of this laptop as well as how to configure it were divided. We heard that this laptop simply revived the MacBook Air, but heard that it received a more premium presentation that met the four-digit price tag. However, Apple tries to keep the laptop in three figures with family and students.

I want to respect Apple MacBook Air's legacy and become a familiar notebook for Apple fans.

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